June 20, 2020

Diesel Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing

June 20, 2020

Diesel Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing – What's Beneath The Surface?

Do you have a Bulk Diesel Fuel Storage Tank on your property that you’re using to provide your fleet or equipment with diesel? Or do you have a backup power generator with a fuel storage tank that tends to sit for long periods of time with irregular use? We'll talk a lot about Fuel Tank maintenance and the importance of keeping your diesel fuel clean and free from contaminants.

That backup power generator needs to work when that emergency strikes. The impacts of dirty fuel on your fleet can be devastating to your bottom-line profits. These issues range from fuel injector damage, clogged fuel filters, loss of power, engine shutdown, poor fuel economy, and a general loss of reliability which leads to productivity losses.

Where does this contamination come from?

90% of the contaminants that plague your diesel fuel quality are from organic debris that stems from the breakdown of the fuel. It’s not inorganic sand or stones that clog your filters. Technically, sand would actually help the filtration process. This organic debris is “Algae” and it forms at the bottom of your tanks. Algae is also commonly referred to as sludge or mud. It starts with the water in the bottom of your tank. Water is the enemy and keeping it out of your Bulk Tank is key.


Fuel Logic has a full range of diesel tank cleaning and fuel polishing services that include above ground Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks, Job Site Fuel Tanks, as well as Generator Fuel Maintenance Programs. You don't need to search for "diesel fuel tank cleaning service near me" as Fuel Logic arrives directly at your doorstep.


The process starts with pumping all the water, sludge, and other contaminants out from the bottom of the tank. You then need to start the diesel fuel filtration process that should include 3 levels of filtration. During this filtration process, you begin to introduce chemical cleaners to remove varnish and sludge. Fuel needs to be treated with chemical conditioners including fungicide, algicide, and fuel stabilizers to enhance the life and ongoing performance. Now your fuel needs to be polished.


There’s still one more step to complete after diesel tank cleaning and filtering your fuel. It’s the “Fuel Polishing” process. Fuel Polishing is the process of removing water, sediment, and microbial contamination from diesel, red diesel, and bio diesel. This contamination is known by many names including diesel bugs, fuel bugs, and algae. Didn’t we just filter the fuel, and shouldn’t that be enough? What’s the difference between polishing and filtering? Filters remove suspended particles from the diesel fuel. Fuel polishing takes it a step further using centrifuges, coalescers, and special water blocking filters to reverse oxidation, and separate anything that is entrained, and noncombustible from the diesel fuel.

Stop Paying Retail At The Pump – Use Our Mobile Fleet Fueling

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Benefits of Mobile Fuel Delivery

Our mobile fuel team will provide you a custom solution based on your day-to-day business needs. We will partner with and help provide you the best long-term solution, whether you have a fleet of trucks, trailers or just need jobsite fuel. Our product offerings vary from Diesel (clear or dyed), Gasoline (unleaded), and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Here are the benefits that mobile fuel delivery can give you:

  • Labor Savings
  • Less Time Wasted At Fuel Stations
  • Limit Your Liabilities
  • Control Your Fuel Spending
  • We Accept Fleet Cards
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Improved Productivity

Fuel Logic provides you a wide range of mobile fuel solutions direct to your equipment. Whenever you need and wherever you need, we’ve got you covered. Click here or call us today at 866-934-6062 to schedule fuel delivery now.

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