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Fuel Logic: The Smart Fuel Solution for Industries
No matter what industry you are part of, refueling plays a critical role in your operations. You need quality product, convenient access, reliable reporting, and more.

After all, in today’s fast-paced, schedule-driven work environment, time is everything.

Dallas-based Fuel Logic understands how vital fuel is to your operations which is why we are committed to delivering whatever you need, whenever you need it. A few gallons? A few hundred? We’ve got you covered. Our mobile fuel delivery service is designed with your needs in mind.
With more than 50 years’ combined experience, we blend the fuel industry’s operational best practices with innovative technological advances to provide superior fuel delivery service to clients across a broad range of industries.
Whether you are overseeing a job site, a fleet of vehicles, or loads of temperature-sensitive products, fuel is the foundation of your operations’ success.
Our NATIONWIDE, NO-CONTRACT mobile fueling service takes the hassle and headache out of refueling to ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible.
Here are a few ways Fuel Logic is helping industries stay on track and in control.
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The smart Solution?
Fuel Logic

Services add up to a one-stop-shop mobile fuel solution for your company’s needs.
Whether you have a fleet, construction equipment, reefers, or generators that need fuel, we can
customize a fuel delivery strategy that will save you time, energy, and money.
Generator Fuel Service

Generators: Power Up When Power’s Down

Being prepared for life’s unexpected curveballs can mean the difference between keeping your business open during a power outage or being forced to close your doors and losing revenue.

Predicting extreme weather events or emergency power issues that could wreak havoc on your healthcare facilities, data centers, restaurants, and more is next to impossible, but being prepared is not.

While power outages are never good, a generator that has been inspected, maintained, and topped off with fuel can help keep operations running as smoothly as possible during challenging situations.

Fuel Logic is standing by to discuss your generator fuel needs and provide fuel solutions tailored to your company’s unique situation.

Reefers: Keep Your Cool With Reliable
On Site Refueling

Uninterrupted power is essential for your day-to-day activities when your operations involve temperature-sensitive perishables.

We help ensure that your turkeys stay frozen, candy stays cool, and floral items stay fresh with our mobile fueling service.

There is no room for error when it comes to keeping your reefer environment chilled. Running out of fuel translates into significant loss of goods and revenue.

The good news is refueling your refrigerated trailers is a breeze when you set up scheduled fueling service with Fuel Logic’s dedicated industry experts.

Call our team of refueling experts any time of day to set up fuel delivery straight to your site – no matter where you are or how much fuel you need.

With our streamlined scheduling and invoicing, keeping your reefers fueled and chilled was never this easy, convenient, or affordable.

Reefer Fuel Delivery
Mobile Fleet Fueling

Fleets: Save Time & Money With
Direct-to-Tank Refueling

Keep your team focused on the day’s demands by ensuring their equipment tanks are topped off before the day even begins.

Time is money, and when your fleet is off the road, your revenue comes to a halt.
Maximize your employees’ productivity and travel time with full tanks of fuel from Fuel Logic.

Overnight fuel-ups mean that your teams can be ready to hit the ground running when the clock starts while minimizing lost time, theft potential, and safety issues due to endless fuel station trips.

Mobile on site fueling also translates into less wear and tear on your vehicles, saving you maintenance expenses.

Get the most for your gas money when you have fuel delivered to your site.
Call Fuel Logic today to schedule quality, reliable fuel whenever and wherever you need it.

Off-Road: Stay On Track With Mobile Refueling

From California to Texas to Florida and beyond, we can deliver fuel to your job site almost anywhere, anytime, any day.

Whether you are overseeing a construction site for a new school, retail center, or office park, our scheduled fuel-ups will ensure that your equipment is ready to go – for one week, one month, or longer.

Our fuel management solutions will save you time, money, and help your operations stay on schedule.

You may know off-road fuel as:
• Red diesel
• Tax-exempt diesel
• Off-highway diesel
• Dyed diesel
• Marked fuel
• Off-road diesel
• Non-road diesel
Reefer Fuel Delivery
Mobile Fueling
  • Rail: Our Mobile Fueling Solutions Keep Your Trains Moving

    A rail yard is a bustling landscape that is constantly in motion, and fuel is a critical component of that picture. Tight schedules are the norm, and Fuel Logic knows that handling routes efficiently and meeting delivery deadlines are vitally important to rail operations.

    Whether you have a single engine, a long train, grinders, or other rail yard equipment that needs refueling, our fuel experts are on standby to create a customized fuel management strategy for your needs. Trains and locomotives require fuel at any time, day or night, and Fuel Logic is equipped to serve as a dependable partner for all your fuel needs. We can provide direct-to-equipment fueling or bulk fuel tanks – no matter how much you need.
    With our on site mobile fueling, you will enjoy decreased downtime while our streamlined reporting and invoicing will also save you time, energy, and money.

    No matter where your engines and trains are located, or how many you need refueled, we can develop a coordinated fuel solution that helps keep your trains on track – literally and figuratively.

    Our dedicated fuel experts are here to answer your call 24/7, 365 days of the year. Call us today and let us help keep your operations speeding forward.
  • Reasons To Consider Fuel Logic’s Mobile Fueling Solutions

    • We accommodate your schedule.
    • Our fuel deliveries are customized to your needs.
    • Our service is safe, reliable, convenient, easy, no-fuss.
    • Mobile fueling means safer fuel handling, less spillage, reduced employee risk.
    • On site mobile fueling is environmentally responsible.
    • We help reduce risk to your people and your equipment.
    • Mobile fueling means less wear and tear on your vehicles.
    • We handle the refueling details so you can handle your business.
    • We provide fuel use transparency with comprehensive reporting and itemized invoicing.
    • Our streamlined, one-stop-shop fueling solution is easy, convenient, and efficient.
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