Reliable Fleet Fuel 
Management Solutions 
by Fuel Logic

Efficient Fuel Management: Beyond Traditional Software

Fuel Logic delivers tailored fuel management solutions that seamlessly integrate with your current software and fuel cards or can entirely replace them for enhanced efficiency. 

We provide comprehensive automation for fleet refueling, ensuring significant cost and time savings. With our team of fuel specialists vigilantly monitoring fuel data real-time, we not only optimize expenditures but also prevent fuel theft. 

Trust our bespoke management strategies designed for fleet professionals and businesses to boost fuel transparency and spending efficiency. Contact us today to learn more!

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diesel fuel delivery

Automate, Optimize, and Save: The Fuel Logic Advantage

Is your fuel management solution efficient?  

You run your business to serve your customers, not to manage fuel. But we do. We work around the clock to ensure refueling doesn’t cost you a minute of your 9-5. Automate your fuel usage and transactions and improve fuel efficiency with Fuel Logic's expert team of fuel managers. 
We save you wasted time and wasted fuel. Watch your fuel cost reduced with Fuel Logic!

We make fuel delivery simple, easy & safe

Prompt Service

We will be there, 24/7/365, whether you’re planning ahead or dealing with a time-sensitive emergency.

Competitive Edge

With our extensive network of experts at your disposal, you’re guaranteed to have what you need, where you need it, and when you need it.


Whatever type of equipment you have, we offer on-road diesel, off-road diesel, gasoline, and DEFregardless of tank size or location.

EPA Compliance

We provide diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)products to keep your equipment up to industry standards.

Certified Fuel Experts

Our trucks are weights and measures certified to ensure an accurate delivery.

Dedicated Account Manager

We anticipate your needs based on your fuel consumption records and are always ready to dispatch a vehicle the minute you need it.

 Trusted with diesel fuel delivery by world class businesses 
— both large and small

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Fast and Efficient Diesel Delivery

Order diesel in 5 minutes. It’s simple and easy to order. Get started with a call, chat or fill out our online form.
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We Can Reduce Your Fleet Fuel Cost

Giving you back time and money

diesel fuel management

A Simpler Fuel Management System with Fuel Logic

Whether you want a completely hands-free fuel management system or a custom solution to work with your existing fuel management software or fuel cards, Fuel Logic can help you take control of your fuel efficiency and fleet management in a way that is custom fit to your company. You will have fuel experts on hand and a dedicated account manager to optimize and improve fuel efficiency fully.

When And Where You Need It

Imagine each workday beginning with every fuel gauge showing “full” from trucks to generators to heaters. Imagine knowing the same thing was true for every tank you use, on-site and off-site. We allow fleet managers the visibility and time they need to drive profits and reduce fuel costs for any size fleet. Work with us!

Want to see how much time and money you could save with us?

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Complete Fleet Fuel Management: 
We Have Your Fuel Needs & Fuel Data Covered

No More Trips To Gas Stations—We Bring The Fuel Type You Need 
Directly To Your Vehicles And Equipment

Equipment we fill
Direct to equipment fueling
Keep your fleet on the road and out of the gas station.
Landscape equipment
We'll ensure equipment is refueled for the next project.
Bulk tanks
Get cost efficient bulk fuel delivered right to your site.
Whether for an emergency or a project, we'll keep it running.
Construction equipment
Give us a call if your skid-steer or crane needs fuel fast!
Refrigerated trailers
We refill on a schedule to make sure your trailer stays powered.
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Types of fuel
Types of fuel we deliver
We'll get quality diesel anywhere in the continental 48.
Dyed diesel (red diesel)
We'll get quality dyed (red) diesel anywhere in the continental 48.
Get gasoline direct to equipment or to your bulk tank
DEF (diesel exhaust fluid)
Diesel exhaust fluid delivered exactly to your specifications.
Bulk DEF shipped to you → 
Bulk fuel
No matter the gallon count, Fuel Logic can take care of you.
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Some of who we serve
Our top industries 
On and off-road diesel for all your job site needs.
Event companies
We'll fuel concerts, golf tournaments and festivals. 
City municipality  
On site bulk tanks and direct to equipment fueling across town.
Keep your crew on the move with gas and diesel delivery.
Moving companies
We'll top off your fuel before each moving day. 
Food & grocery 
Ensure your refrigerated trailers never have any downtime.
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24/7 fuel delivery
Nationwide refueling
Gas and diesel
DEF delivered or shipped
One-off or scheduled fuel

Mobile fuel delivery

Stop paying retail and wasting time at the gas station. Trust Fuel Logic's bulk fuel delivery services to take care of you!
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Fuel Logic - Logo Icon At Fuel Logic, we proudly provide fuel delivery services to customers across a wide range of locations. Whether you're in Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Indiana, Kansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Iowa, Oregon, California, Arizona, Washington, Michigan, Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, South Carolina, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, South Dakota, Montana, Illinois, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Arkansas, Delaware, Mississippi, Vermont, Rhode Island, North Dakota, or Maine, you can count on us for efficient and reliable fuel delivery solutions. Our wide coverage ensures that no matter where you are, we'll be there to meet your fueling needs. Contact us today to schedule your fuel delivery service!
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