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On average, fleet managers save $21,840 annually with Fuel Logic. Our innovative Fuel Savings Calculator is designed to help you understand just how much you could be saving. By optimizing your fueling process, you could see significant reductions in your operational costs. Calculate your potential yearly savings now.
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Fuel Savings Calculator

Calculate Your Potential Savings Now.
Number Of Units In Fleet

How many vehicles do you have in your fleet? Include gas and diesel.

Frequency Of Fueling

On average, how many days per week are you fueling your fleet?

Estimated Gallons Per Fill

On average, how many gallons are you pumping into each vehicle?

Round-Trip Per Fueling

How many minutes does it take to drive to the fuel station, fill up, and drive back?

Number Of Operators

How many employees are typically in the vehicle?

Average Hourly Rate

What’s the average hourly rate? Include burden, insurance, and vacation.

See how much you could save annually by optimizing your fueling process with our service.

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How To Use The Fuel Savings Calculator

Using the Fuel Logic calculator is straightforward and can be easily tailored to your situation. First, we need to get a good picture of your fleet and routine, so fill out how your fleet usually operates and how many gallons each vehicle uses on a trip. It's okay to estimate here, and knowing your gas mileage is not necessary. Afterward, we'll look at the operators: how many are on each vehicle typically, and what's their average hourly wage? Remember, the actual financial burden per employee is likely several dollars more an hour when you factor in things like insurance & vacation.

Once you have tweaked the calculator to your liking, you are provided your savings per year and average savings per gallon when you work with Fuel Logic. If you want to save a copy of this information for yourself, just click the "Email Me The Report" button above. 

Fuel Economy and Its Impact on Your Bottom Line

Our Fuel Savings Calculator is an essential tool for fleet management, offering a clear view of how fuel economy improvements can lead to substantial cost savings.

Fuel savings start whenever the fleet operators start taking efficiency seriously. By using our Fuel Savings Calculator, you get a clear view of your monthly expenses every time your fleet drives out to the gas station. By focusing on fuel efficiency, you can save money and increase your bottom line. Fuel Logic's focus is to lower your overall fuel spend so your business can thrive. See how much you can save with our service by using the calculator above!

The Intangible Costs of Fleet Management

Understanding the intangible costs in fleet management is crucial. These intangible costs, though often overlooked, can significantly impact your overall expenses. Things like fuel theft, time management, and other factors all affect your total cost of ownership for your fleet. While these costs will vary across different businesses, they're impossible to avoid with standard refueling at the station.

Analyzing the Cost-Benefit of Fuel Efficiency

It's important to understand both the short-term and long-term benefits of improved fuel efficiency. The cost of fuel is just one factor you should focus on when looking to lower fuel spend. Every time you fill your fleet at a gas station, your team could be heading to the next customer or otherwise improving the bottom line of the company. Things like the number of miles to the station, frequency of fueling, plus intangible factors like fuel theft and loss of wages all noticeably add up to your total cost. With Fuel Logic, we aim to help you control your diesel and gasoline spend by eliminating all the extra costs of refueling so you can focus on your business.

Calculating Your Fleet's Fuel Savings

You are just 3 easy steps away from saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Dial In Your Numbers

Input a few bits of information about your business's fleet vehicles and operators so we can tailor the report to your exact situation. 

See Your Yearly Savings

Your fuel cost savings will be laid out below the sliders– it's probably more than you thought! A fuel delivery service can get you back on track.

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