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Don't wait around to see where disaster is going to strike. We've provided emergency fuel to a wide range of industries across the U.S. Talk to one of our team members today, so you're not caught out with empty fuel storage tanks in a disaster situation.
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Your emergency fueling response teamNear You!

Certified experts

Our trucks are weights and measures certified to ensure an accurate delivery.

EPA compliance

We provide diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) products to keep your equipment up to industry standards.

On-site fueling

We go right to your site to fill your tanks or equipment directly.

emergency fuel delivery

On time

Don't worry, we take deadlines seriously. You get your emergency fueling when you need us.

Day or night

Whether it's during the prime hours of the day or it's nighttime we'll get you emergency fuel services.


Whatever type of equipment you have, we offer on-road diesel and off-road diesel regardless of fuel tank size or location.

Fuel delivery fast—when and where you need it during a power outage!

Let Fuel Logic’s emergency fueling response team jump in and help lead the way to make sure that your business stays 100% operational! Whatever the case may be, our team will work 24/7 to make sure that your business continues to run.

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Critical emergency fuel supply during storm season

Over the years we have gained experience dealing with storms all over the United States from hurricanes to tornadoes from the Gulf Coast through the Midwest. You never know when disaster is going to strike. Let Fuel Logic’s emergency response team jump in and help lead the way to make sure that your business stays 100% operational during a power outage.

24/7 emergency fueling services

We will do whatever it takes, day or night, to make sure that your fuel needs are taken care of. Our staff is committed to providing fuel delivery when and wherever disaster strikes. When time is of the essence, you can count on us to take care of your fuel storage!

Resources devoted to you

We're able to pull resources to sure that your company stays up when you need it during a natural disaster. You will need more than just one service provider and we have a myriad of resources and fuel trucks throughout the United States to pull from that are not limited to a single source. 

Nationwide emergency fuel supplier

There when you need us

Did you know that your operator spends 10% of their day in a gas station? What could you do with one more stop, per truck, per day?

Nationwide service 24/7
No-contract service! We earn our customers business one gallon at a time.
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Our dedicated trucks can provide emergency fuel delivery during an emergency!

We're prepared to take care of your business 365 days a year!

We fill any industry

Whether you have refrigerated trailers that are storing your valuable products or generators that are keeping your power on helping your business continue- ranging across all different types of verticals hospitals/food companies/data centers/manufacturing or any other type of organization we have the manpower and the team to refuel your business so you can continue to operate!

bulk diesel delivery
emergency fuel delivery

Here when you need us most

You need a reliable fuel delivery service company that has the experience that you can count on with no excuses during times of crisis. We understand what it costs businesses when they are down, and we realize that’s not an option. We understand that you have backup power solutions but without them being routinely maintained and topped off it won’t be ready for when you need it!

Get on The emergency Fuel Delivery Services Program

You need a reliable emergency fueling company that has the experience that you can count on with no excuses during times of crisis.

Regular maintenance

The services we offer have you covered with our monthly and quarterly generator maintenance programs.

Ready when you are

We understand that you have a backup power solution but without it being routinely maintained and full of fuel it won’t be ready for when you need it during power outages!

Deep understanding

We understand what it costs businesses when they are down, and we realize that’s not an option. Our fuel supply service can help!

The importance of generator maintenance & natural disaster preparedness

We will routinely do reviews to make sure that your emergency backup power is ready to go at a moment's notice. With our 24/7 support, you can reach us day or night and be confident that our team will be ready to meet your needs.

Regular maintenance services will be important; there’s a high percentage of emergency generators that aren't ready when you need them whether it's algae wax is dirt will affect your diesel fuel over time, let us make sure your generator fuel is clean and ready to use when it’s time! We know how much it costs you to be down during power outages and we will show our plan for making sure they’re ready.

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Contact Us Today For Mission Critical Emergency Fueling Services

Are you in one of the many disaster zones in the United States?

Please reach out and contact your local Fuel Logic consultant today to set a time for us to discuss our generator maintenance programs, as well as our emergency preparedness plans making sure that you’re ready in case of any potential emergency situations.
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We make critical fuel delivery simple, easy & safe

Order fuel in 5 minutes. It’s simple and easy to order. Give us a call, chat or fill out our online form.
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