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With service locations across the lower 48 United States, we're near. Forget about waiting at the gas pump and spending too much money. With our diesel fuel delivery, one quick call is all it takes.
We'll fill up your tank wherever you are, whenever you need it. Just show up and drive. 
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Still searching for diesel fuel delivery near me?

Fuel Logic Fuel Delivery service is always near.

Fuel Logic, one of the leading fuel delivery companies, understand the critical role that diesel plays in your operations. Whether you're running a fleet of trucks, managing a construction site, or operating a farm, having a reliable source of diesel is essential. That's where we come in.
    24/7 Diesel Fuel Delivery - Fuel Logic

    24/7 Availability

    We offer around-the-clock diesel delivery, ensuring that you have the fuel you need, whenever you need it.
    High-Quality Diesel Fuel

    High-Quality Diesel

    We are committed to providing only the highest quality diesel to ensure optimal performance of your equipment and vehicles.
    Highly Rated Diesel Fuel Delivery Services

    Customer Satisfaction

    Prioritizing our customers, we ensure exceptional service and satisfaction with every delivery.
Choosing Fuel Logic for your diesel needs means choosing a partner that is committed to supporting your operations and helping your business succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our diesel delivery services.

Our Delivery Process: One-time Fuelling or ongoing diesel fuel delivery service


Order online or via phone

Get in contact with one of our experts.


Verify payment and delivery details

Some final details to make sure your order runs smoothly.


Truck dispatched on your schedule

Our truck is sent at your preferred time – day or night. 


(Optional) Set up fueling schedule

Need it regularly? We'll set up a flexible schedule so you're always topped off.
Curious how much fuel you can save with us? 
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How it works

You can start your order by filling out our form or giving one of our agents a call. Once you're connected and fill out some final payment details your order is put into the schedule. No-hassle diesel delivery is our specialty!

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Convenient Mobile Fuel For Fleets - DEF, Gas, and Diesel. 
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On site fuel service.

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Scheduled or one-time

Job-site diesel delivery

Whether you are a large construction company or a small landscaping business, we provide onsite fueling for job-site tanks, and on-road / off-road equipment.

24/7 365 days a year

Reefer refueling

Never have to worry about your refrigerated reefer trailer running out of fuel. Whether for an emergency refuel or for regular level monitoring.

Nationwide bulk diesel

Bulk delivery

No more searching...bulk fuel delivery near me. Transport or bobtail bulk diesel delivery—when you need it, where you need it.

Scheduled or fuel management

Mobile fleet fueling

Our mobile gas station will refuel your fleet daily so your operators do not start their day at a gas station with an empty tank. Our fleet fueling service saves you time and helps you avoid wasting thousands of dollars.

All your fuel needs, managed

Fuel management

Nationwide fuel management for all your diesel, gasoline, and def delivery needs. One call that's all.

When and where you need us

Generator fuel delivery

Whether your company relies on generators for day-to-day operations or just for emergencies, we’ve got your back. We make sure you have the diesel you need to keep operating no matter how long until the outage is restored.

 Trusted with diesel fuel delivery by world class businesses 
— both large and small

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Fast and Efficient Diesel Delivery

Order diesel in 5 minutes. It’s simple and easy to order. Get started with a call, chat or fill out our online form.
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One-time or fuel management:
Fuel delivery options that make sense to your business

Fuel Logic is here to give you back the time and money refueling services are costing you. 
Starting with how easy we make it to join the Fuel Logic team. Get your diesel fuel delivered as soon as possible, call us now!

Prompt, quality service

We will be there, 24/7/365, whether you’re planning ahead or dealing with a time-sensitive fuel emergency.

Certified professionals

Our trucks are weights and measures certified to ensure an accurate fueling.

Competitive prices

We buy low so you don’t pay retail. Affordable diesel fuel services for you! Get your trucks on the road for a good price.

diesel fuel delivery
Mobile Fuel Delivered to Truck
Fueling a Reefer Trailer

Let our diesel Fuel service experts give you peace of mind today—and save time & money

Nationwide coverage for diesel delivery, gasoline & DEF

We can get you a quick tank of fuel tonight and make sure your entire fleet is ready to start up and go in the morning. Call us today if you have any questions about our fuel delivery services!

What We Fill

If it needs fuel ...
Fast turn around and the top quality customer experience is our promise. 
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Everyday your fleet runs on diesel. Diesel fuel delivery direct to your job site has never been this easy.


We deliver gasoline to thousands of clients with commercial, fleets, consumer or landscape machinery.

Dyed diesel fuel

Whether you call it off road diesel, red diesel, or marked diesel, we deliver dyed diesel nationwide!

DEF diesel exhaust fluid

Fuel Logic delivers diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) directly to your truck. You can also have bulk DEF shipped to your site. 

fuel manager

Focus on running 
your business!

Let us take the stress associated with fuel management off your plate. Focus on running your business and leave the diesel delivery to a dedicated team of bulk fuel experts. Save time and money by calling us now!

The convenience of Fuel Logic diesel delivery services:

One-time or ongoing

On-going business reviews

Prompt service

Provisioning & negotiation

Detailed reporting

Regular auditing

Back-office support

Strategy design

Asset management

Open 24/7/365 a year

Frequently asked questions.

A collection of our top questions to show you just how easy it is to go Fuel Logic!

What types of fuel does Fuel Logic offer?

We deliver on-road diesel, gasoline, and off-road diesel (also known as dyed or farm diesel). Modern diesels require diesel exhaust fluid or DEF. We provide a wide range of DEF solutions, including delivery directly into your tank, pallets of jugs, 55-gallon drums, and bulk fuel totes.

Can deliveries be scheduled ongoing?

Yes, we will work with you to provide fuel on a schedule as long as you need it. We can even deliver fuel multiple times per day if needed. Whether you need diesel fuel once, short-term, or long-term, we’ll design a schedule that works for you.

What are your hours of operation?

Fuel Logic’s bulk fuel delivery routes operate 24/7/365 days per year. Our agents are on-call 24hrs a day to assist in emergency situations. We schedule our deliveries around your schedule. All we need to know is when your first truck goes out and when your last truck returns. Our back-office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

What is wet hosing or direct to equipment?

Wet hosing (also called direct to equipment) is a method by which your fuel company delivers the desired fuel directly into your fuel tank while your truck sits. Wet hosing eliminates the need to send your employees to the fuel station. If your fleet regularly parks at the same place, this can be a great solution. Advantages include reduced labor costs, reduced theft, wholesale fuel prices, increased productivity, and reduced wear and tear. Keep that asset on the road longer with wet hosing.

Do you service my industry?

construction equipment
With our many years of experience in the fuel delivery business, we’ve fueled thousands of companies across the United States. We fill fleets of trucks/vans and daily, and during weather emergencies, we’re on-site filling backup generators. If you need bulk fueling, we offer that too. We even fill trains! Give us a call today to see if we can help you.

Do you have smaller trucks for tight areas?

** Fuel types and delivery methods may vary from city to city as we operate a nationwide network.
Yes, in many markets, we have access to smaller pickup-sized fuel delivery trucks and larger traditional bobtail fuel delivery trucks. These vehicles are necessary for generators in parking garages, event venues where space is limited, etc.

What does Fuel Logic do?

Fuel Logic is a full-service fuel management company. We deliver on-road diesel, off-road dyed diesel, gasoline, and diesel exhaust fluid to fleets, bulk tanks, reefer trailers, and other machinery nationwide.

We also work with companies to design the right bulk fuel delivery and procurement strategies that maximize labor efficiency and savings across their locations nationwide. No two geographic areas are the same. Systems must be unique and tailored to meet the specific challenges at each site. We're involved all along the way as your “outsourced” fuel manager.

Where do you deliver fuel?

We operate a nationwide diesel fuel services network and can facilitate deliveries almost anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. If you need fuel, we can get it to you. See our locations here!

How do I know the quantity is right?

Our trucks all have approved Weights and Measures pumps, just like your typical fuel station. We regularly calibrate our pumps to ensure you get the correct quantity every time. Most trucks also have technology that digitally captures the amount pumped into individual trucks with GPS tracking.

Can you save me money?

Fuel Logic’s diesel fuel delivery services will likely save you money. We base our pricing on wholesale fuel prices, not retail. We will also work with you to help you understand your “true cost of fuel.”

Fueling your fleet can be costly when you factor in labor, theft, travel to the station, accidents at the station, and asset downtime. Fuel Logic has developed advanced calculator that will use your unique data to show you how much self-fueling costs you as opposed to our diesel fuel delivery.

Do you deliver diesel to generators?

Yes, we specialize in generator fueling. The size doesn’t matter; we will deliver fuel to data center generators, emergency generators, construction generators, event generators, or large building backup generators.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, fleet cards, and ACH payments. You can contact us here if you have any questions!

We've made fuel delivery and management simple

If you want to get started, give us a call, chat or start an order here. Schedule diesel fuel delivery services, DEF, or gas now!
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