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Reefer fuel delivery

We provide around-the-clock Refrigerated Trailer Fuel service to ensure that your products remain in optimal condition. Whether it's holiday turkeys, hams, or any other perishable items, we understand the significance of maintaining a climate-controlled environment for your goods.

Reefer fuel delivery & fuel management

Fuel Logic understands the challenges involved in refueling refrigerated trailers. Keeping your reefer fueled is serious business when your products are perishable. Our nationwide network can provide fuel to your reefer anywhere in the country. One fuel manager, one fuel partner, one fuel invoice to service all your locations.
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reefer fuel delivery

Fast, reliable nationwide fuel delivery for job sites.

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Maximize your productive hours with Fuel Logic and reduce fuel cost by up to 20%.
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Refrigerated trailer fuel delivery

Dependable reefer refueling around the clock

Run your reefer out of fuel, and you will have to call an emergency onsite mechanic to prime and restart your trailer. With a trailer full of perishables, time is not on your side. You need a reliable partner that understands the importance of timely fueling. Fortune 500 companies nationwide trust Fuel Logic to be that partner.
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Whether you're storing turkeys ahead of the thanksgiving rush or just using your reefers for additional cold storage, there’s simply no room for error when it comes to fuel. 

Fuel Logic is the partner you can trust.
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What Fuel Does Reefer Trailer Use?

Reefer trailers, also known as refrigerated trucks, require two types of fuel for their operation.
Trailer fuel - which is used to power the refrigeration unit mounted on the trailer. This fuel is stored in a separate reefer tank located on the trailer itself.
Tractor fuel - which is used to power the truck that pulls the reefer trailer. This fuel is typically diesel fuel and is stored in a fuel tank attached
to the tractor.
The reefer unit consumes a significant amount of fuel, contributing to the overall fuel consumption of the truck and trailer combination. It is worth mentioning that the fuel used in the reefer unit is subject to fuel taxes, just like the fuel used in the truck engine. However, reefer diesel fuel often contains a dye that distinguishes it from on-road diesel fuel, as it is primarily used in off-road equipment.

How Much Fuel Does A Refrigerated Trailer Use?

The amount of reefer fuel needed can vary depending on factors such as:
  • outside temperature
  • desired internal temperature
  • load being transported
  • the efficiency of the refrigeration unit
  • duration of the trip
  • For instance, a reefer truck transporting perishable goods over a long distance may require larger gallons of fuel compared to a shorter trip. It is crucial for truck drivers and fleet managers to keep track of the fuel levels and ensure that both the tractor and reefer units are adequately fueled to prevent any disruptions in the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.

    When it comes to fuel efficiency, refrigerated trailers consume more fuel compared to regular trailers. The cooling system in these trailers needs fuel to work and keep the temperature at the right level. To power the cooling system, it uses electricity, which is produced by the trailer's engine.
    On average, a refrigerated trailer can consume approximately 1 gallon of fuel per hour. However, this number can increase significantly in extreme climatic conditions or if the trailer is transporting a heavy load.

    While refrigerated trailers do consume more fuel compared to regular trailers, their efficiency can be enhanced through proper maintenance and monitoring of various variables that affect fuel consumption.

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