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October 24, 2023

How To Choose The Right Diesel Fuel Supplier For You - Things You Need To Consider

Selecting a dependable and trustworthy fuel delivery service is vital for your business's success as an owner. A reliable supplier will guarantee the seamless and efficient operation of your business. Given the abundance of fuel suppliers in the market, finding the ideal match for your business may require some time and consideration.

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What Is Diesel Fuel? 

Diesel fuel, named after its inventor Rudolf Diesel, represents a distillate fuel oil primarily utilized in compression ignition engines within motor vehicles. This type of fuel is produced through the refining process and can be derived from both crude oil and biomass sources.

Diesel engines find their primary application in freight vehicles, delivery trucks, and light trucks. Additionally, diesel fuel plays a significant role in electricity generation

How Is Diesel Fuel Made?

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Crude oil, a dense and viscous substance, requires processing before it can be put to use. The initial stage of refining involves heating crude oil until it reaches its boiling point. This heated liquid is separated into different liquids and gases within a distillation column, ultimately yielding products such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, and various other liquid substances.

What Are The Different Diesel Fuel Grades

Diesel #1 (1D) 

Also known as "winter diesel" or "premium diesel," Diesel #1 has a lower gel point and is suitable for extremely cold weather conditions. However, it has less energy content compared to Diesel #2. This is due to the removal of wax-like paraffin from the chemical mixture. This chemical’s absence enables it to stay in liquid form throughout the winter. 

Diesel #2 (2D) 

It is the standard diesel fuel used in most diesel engines. It is sold at the majority of petrol stations worldwide. It is suitable for a wide range of temperatures and has a higher energy content than Diesel #1. It gives the best fuel efficiency. 

Diesel #4 (4D)

In applications involving low and medium-speed diesel engines, where maintaining consistent speed and load is paramount, you typically find -4D, which is a type of heavy distillate fuel. It can also be a blend of distillate and residual oil.

What Are The Different Types of Diesel Fuel

Petroleum Diesel

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The most used fuel is petroleum diesel, often fossil diesel, utilized in buses, agriculture and construction equipment, railroads, and goods trucks. Petroleum-based diesel also powers a lot of modern passenger cars. Fractional distillation of crude oil at temperatures between 200 and 350 degrees Celsius and air pressure produces its constituent parts.

Synthetic Diesel

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Synthetic diesel has grown in popularity as a result of the need to discover long-term low-carbon fuel substitutes. Any carbonaceous resource, including but not restricted to biomass, biogas, natural gas, and coal, can be used to make it. 

The Fischer-Tropsch process consists of a series of chemical reactions. These reactions transform a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen into hydrocarbons. This transformation occurs after the natural substance has been gasified and purified.

The near-zero sulfur content of this type of diesel has been praised for lowering overall emissions.


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Biodiesel is a renewable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel fuel. It is typically made from biological sources such as vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled cooking oils. The production process for biodiesel involves a chemical reaction called transesterification, where these feedstocks are converted into biodiesel and glycerin.

Hydrogenation-Derived Renewable Diesel

Hydrogenation-derived renewable diesel (HDRD), also known as green diesel or renewable diesel, is an advanced biofuel made through a hydrogenation process. It's distinct from biodiesel, which is typically produced through transesterification. Since it is derived from renewable feedstocks, HDRD is considered a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil diesel.

Dimethyl Ether

DME is gaining attention as a potential alternative fuel, particularly in regions looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants from transportation. Dimethyl ether (DME) is a colorless, flammable gas with a high cetane rating and quiet combustion. 

What To Look For When Choosing A Diesel Fuel Supplier

Competitive Pricing 

Compare prices from different suppliers, but don't solely base your decision on cost. Consider payment terms, discounts for bulk orders, and any hidden fees.

Good Reputation

Look for a diesel supplier near you with a good reputation for consistent quality and reliable deliveries. Read reviews and ask for references from other businesses.

Extensive Coverage

Choose a supplier with a convenient location and adequate coverage in your area to ensure timely deliveries.

Good Customer Service 

Assess the supplier's customer service and responsiveness. Prompt communication and support are crucial in case of issues or emergencies

Federal Regulations Compliant

Confirm that the supplier adheres to environmental regulations and safety standards for handling and transporting diesel fuel.

Why Choose Fuel Logic As Your Diesel Supplier

Nationwide Coverage

Fuel Logic operates as a comprehensive fuel management firm. It provides a range of fuels, including on-road diesel, off-road dyed diesel, gasoline, and diesel exhaust fluid nationwide. 

Available 24/7

Fuel Logic's services are accessible to refill your equipment, trucks, bulk tanks, and generators during their idle periods, any time, day or night, throughout the year—24/7/365. With Fuel Logic, productivity remains uninterrupted.

High-Quality Diesel

Fuel Logic delivers high-quality on-road and off-road diesel fuel to fleets, bulk tanks, reefers, and different industries. 

Flexible Delivery Schedules

Fuel Logic takes care of your business no matter what the situation is. Whether you need gallons of fuel, our equipped team is ready to deliver according to your schedule. 

Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are always committed to taking the tension off your plate. Fuel Logic takes every deadline seriously and is willing to deliver fuel around the clock. 

How Can Fuel Logic Help You

Fuel Delivery Services 

Mobile Fleet Fueling

Fuel Logic's fleet fueling service delivers numerous advantages. It minimizes driver downtime that would otherwise be spent refueling vehicles. Furthermore, it enhances accountability as Fuel Logic's mobile fuel services team oversees the fueling process. 

Reefer Fuel Delivery  

Fuel Logic’s refrigerated fuel services offer you time savings. Whether it's holiday turkeys or hams, we understand the critical need to maintain climate control for your products.

Generator Fuel Delivery 

Our fuel for generator service offers diesel for generators round-the-clock. We'll ensure your facility stays operational during power outages, including natural disasters.

Bulk Fuel Delivery 

Allow our team of diesel fuel service specialists to provide you with reassurance while also helping you save time and resources. Fuel Logic can swiftly replenish your fuel tank tonight, ensuring your entire fleet is prepared to commence operations in the morning.

Off-Road Diesel Delivery

Whether it's a construction site or your family farm, Fuel Logic can deliver off-road diesel fuel right to your location. We have the capability to pump directly into your equipment or into your bulk or on-site tank.

On-Site Fuel Delivery 

Our on-site fuel service stands head and shoulders above the competition in terms of speed and efficiency. Contact Fuel Logic and use our services. 

DEF Delivery and Shipping 

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Delivery

Fuel Logic customizes its DEF solutions to align perfectly with your specific delivery requirements. Our priority is to provide reliable service. 

Bulk DEF Shipping

Fuel Logic simplifies the purchase of DEF.  Say goodbye to costly retail prices in stores and have DEF delivered directly to your equipment, or opt for bulk DEF delivery using containers like barrels or totes.

Fuel Management Services 

Fuel Management

Trust Fuel Logic’s fleet refuelling automation, which offers a complete solution. Our dedicated team of fuel experts diligently oversees fuel data, resulting in not just cost optimization but also the prevention of fuel theft.

Emergency Fuel Delivery

Fuel Logic is ready to bring the gas station to your doorstep. In any emergency, there is no need to wait. Get in touch with our team members to ensure you’re not left with empty fuel storage tanks during a disaster. 

Industries We Serve 

  • Construction: Allow Fuel Logic's experienced team to cater to your fuel delivery requirements. With a track record of assisting construction businesses, we are confident in our ability to assist you.
  • Event Rental Companies: Recognizing the uniqueness of every event, Fuel Logic provides customized solutions. Whether you're planning a concert, carnival, or industrial tour, we've got you covered.
  • HVAC/Plumbing: Power your business effortlessly. Allow Fuel Logic to manage your on-site manual filling and fleet fueling needs. Our reliable fuel delivery services cater to reefers, special events, construction, locomotive, and HVAC/plumbing. 
  • Refrigerated Trailer: Our Refrigerated Trailer Fuel service operates 24/7 to guarantee the preservation of your products. We understand the importance of upholding a controlled environment for your goods. Contact Fuel Logic today. 
  • Landscaping: Running a landscaping company can be difficult. We comprehend these challenges and offer easy solutions. Fuel Logic offers the direct delivery of gasoline, diesel, and DEF to your equipment or bulk tank.
  • Locomotive: Locomotives require fuel around the clock and often across. That's where Fuel Logic steps in. Keep us informed of your route, and we'll accompany you every mile of the journey.  

Need to Order Diesel?

Choosing Fuel Logic is synonymous with selecting a dedicated partner. Fuel Logic is determined to foster your business's prosperity. 

Don’t delay. Reach out to us today to explore our diesel delivery services. 

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