What is a Fleet Card? – How to Use Your Fleet Fuel Cards 

April 6, 2023

Your Guide to Fleet Fuel Cards - How does your fleet card work?

what is a fleet fuel card

Fleet gas cards are an excellent solution for businesses that need a significant amount of gas yearly. Not only are they easy to use for employees, but they’re also convenient for employers to track and report expenses. Below, we explain what is a fleet card and some of its benefits.

What is a Fleet Card? What are the Benefits of Using Them

Fleet cards are similar to credit cards for businesses that require fleet fueling. They let companies purchase fuel and maintenance services for their equipment and fleet vehicles. Driver's use the cards like personal credit cards and can pay for fuel and other authorized purchases in their network of gas stations and merchants.

Fuel card transactions are in real-time, meaning the fleet owner can see the purchases immediately. The company can also limit what the employee purchases and how much they spend. Using fleet cards gives companies more control and transparency about where the money is being spent. If you're interested in the best fleet card companies available, such as Wex Fleet Cards or Shell Fleet Plus cards, check out our blog covering the best fuel card companies!

How Does a Fleet Card Really Work?

Fleet managers give employees their fleet cards when they’re on the road. When they need to fill up or perform minor vehicle maintenance, they go to an accepting fuel station and use the fuel card to pay. The fleet fuel card is typically connected to the employee through their unique driver ID number, which they must enter along with their odometer reading to use the card. The unique ID number lets the employer know where fuel expenses are coming from.

Many fleet cards can also provide an easy way to track and report expenses since all the receipt information is automatically stored in one central place. Each purchase goes directly to one location for processing. The company can access these monthly analysis reports, which detail where and when the employee purchased the fuel, the cost per mile, and the miles per gallon.

Fleet cards offer convenient solutions for both the employee and the employer. Below are some more benefits that fleet cards provide for your vehicles in the fleet.

Use Fleet Card providers To Help With Organization and Saving Money

Fleet cards may help employers with fuel management since the information for all purchases made with the cards goes directly to one processing center. Employers no longer have to keep track of fill-ups and maintenance purchases manually. They can use the expense tracking and reporting features of fleet cards to monitor expenses. The data is stored in a central location, making it easy for employers to access it when needed and use it to make important business-related decisions that help the company save money over the long haul.

Fleet cards allow you to track everything you need to know all in one place. Manage your entire fleet for businesses of all sizes.

Fleet Cards Work To Protect Against Fraud and Misuse

Employers can set up alerts on fleet cards to inform them about fraud or misuse. Purchase information happens in real-time, so employers can monitor and quickly know when purchases are invalid and take action immediately. Additionally, fleet fuel cards are also connected to each individual’s unique driver ID number. That lets the employer know what each individual is purchasing, deterring the likelihood of an employee misusing the card.

Fleet Gas Cards Give Businesses More Control Over Spending

Employers can determine what purchases are authorized for their fleet card program. They can limit the use of cards to only gas and maintenance or expand the service to purchases at gas station convenience stores. This option gives employers a better idea of what purchases employees may make with their fleet cards can help employers budget better.

The best Fleet Fuel Cards Usually Provide Additional Incentives

Many fleet cards often come with incentives like fuel discounts or rewards. These incentives may help companies save even more money in the long run. Click here to see our top 5 recommended brands for fleet cards.

Maybe You Don't Need To Get A Fleet Card To Save on Fuel With Fuel Management

While finding the right fleet card can help your business, you may find a fuel vendor that could take care of your company's fuel for a cheaper rate! Fuel Logic offers mobile fuel delivery and fleet fueling services nationwide. We provide diesel, gasoline, and DEF directly to equipment, trucks, bulk tanks, or generators. Use your fleet cards to purchase fuel from our various shipping options or replace the need for fleet cards with our Mobile Fleet Management Program.

With our onsite fleet fueling services, we bring the benefits of the gas station to your location. Stop wasting time traveling to gas stations and paying retail prices at the pump. We deliver the fuel you need right to your doorstep while managing your fleet's fuel levels. And when it comes to managing your payments, we make it easy by sending you just one itemized statement every week.

Our mobile fuel team will provide you with a custom solution based on your day-to-day business needs and come to you with what you need. Contact us today for an easier way to fuel management.

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