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Use Our Mobile Fueling For your Fleet of Refrigerated trucks

Stop paying retail at the pump

Our mobile fuel service team is here for you. We'll create a plan that fits your everyday business needs. We'll partner with you to make sure your trailers always have fuel. Need reefer fueling solutions for your refrigerated truck? We can get it to you anytime!

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What Is Reefer Fuel?

Reefer fuel, short for "refrigeration fuel", is a specialized type of fuel used to power refrigeration units in trucks, trailers, and shipping containers. These refrigeration units, commonly referred to as reefers, are crucial for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, such as perishable goods and pharmaceuticals, in a controlled and chilled environment.

Whether you're shipping fresh produce or frozen items, reefer units powered by this specialized fuel ensure that your cargo remains at the ideal temperature, preserving its quality and safety.

How Long Does Reefer Fuel Last?

Reefer diesel typically lasts for about 24 to 48 hours on a full tank, depending on different factors. It's essential to monitor and refill reefer fuel as needed to ensure your cargo stays properly chilled during transport.

Reefer Fuel Vs. Tractor Fuel

"What's the difference between tractor fuel and reefer fuel?" is a common question in the transportation industry, and it's vital to understand these two distinct types of fuel and their respective roles:

Specifically designed for refrigerated trucks, trailers, or containers, reefer fuel is used for powering the refrigeration units that maintain a controlled and precise temperature inside the reefer. This refrigerated trailer fuel is used solely for cooling and maintaining the temperature of cargo during transportation.

Tractor fuel, which can be diesel or gasoline, is used to power the engine of the truck or tractor unit itself. It provides the energy needed for the truck to move and operate. Tractor fuel is used for propelling the entire vehicle, including the tractor unit and any attached trailers or reefers. It is not involved in temperature control but rather in the overall operation of the transportation vehicle.

On-site Refrigerated Trailer fueling Takes care of your Scheduled Fuel Needs + Robust Reporting

Do you manage more than one refrigerated truck? We'll combine all the reports to give you a clear, bird's-eye view of your fuel consumption.

Don't lose your cargo

First, consider your temperature-sensitive cargo, you never want your reefer trailers’ tanks to run out of fuel. We keep your products fresh whether it's holiday hams or dairy products.

Dedicated fuel experts

That’s why we will work diligently with you as your partner, making sure that we keep your trailers fueled up and ready around the clock. 

Robust reporting

We will provide you with the usage reporting you need to optimize your schedule. Fewer deliveries mean less money spent on service. Be in control of your fuel spend.

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Let our reefer fuel experts keep your refrigerated trailers online!

Nationwide emergency fuel delivery 

We can get you a quick tank of fuel tonight and make sure your entire fleet is ready to start up and go in the morning. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our reefer diesel fuel delivery services!

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Everyday your fleet runs on diesel. Diesel fuel delivery direct to equipment has never been this easy.


We deliver gasoline to thousands of clients with commercial, consumer or two cycle equipment.

Dyed Diesel Fuel

Whether you call it off-road diesel, red diesel, or marked diesel, we offer dyed diesel delivery nationwide!


Fuel Logic delivers diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) directly to your equipment. You can also have bulk DEF shipped to your site. 

What others are saying about Fuel Logic's Reefer fueling solutions...

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"Our company uses fuel logic at 2 different locations here in Austin, they supply well and on time each and every time. I highly recommend using this company for your fueling needs." — Adrian P 
"My company uses a Fuel Logic's service at our company servicing our trailers. Fast and easy service and top notch communication with a fast response time. Even when I get bogged down with my daily schedule and forget to schedule my daily fueling needs, they will reach out to me to check if we need their service for the day. This is company you can trust and count on for your fueling needs." — Mike N 
"Have been using this company for 7 months now and have not had any issues, great service and friendly staff will definitely recommend to everyone." — Rosario M
"Very dependable, with top notch service and prices. I will use them again and will recommend them to friends and family" — Thomas M 

We Get Your Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers Fueled 

Our reefer fuel services give you time back!

Whether it's holiday turkeys or hams, we know how important it is to 
keep your products climate controlled.

Nationwide service 24/7
No-contract service! We earn our customer's business one gallon at a time.
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 Trusted with Reefer Refueling by world class businesses 
— both large and small

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Saving you time and money 
Let fuel managers get back to business

We Don't Take Chances When It comes to Keeping your reefer the right temperature

So much depends on the precision-timed delivery of goods these days. Plus the additional factor of your goods being perishable, it's crystal clear to us that they need to be transported in trailers with refrigeration capabilities. There’s no room for error when it comes to the timeliness of your reefer fuel. We are ready to help you day or night, reach out to us!

Timely deliveries 
We'll keep you on schedule
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24/7 On-Site Reefer Fueling Services


In today's world, getting goods on time is super important. And when your goods can spoil, it's even more vital. That's why we use refrigerated trailers to keep things fresh. When it comes to delivering your reefer fuel on time, we've got you covered with our reefer truck fueling service, available 24/7/365 nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fuel Logic’s Most Frequently Asked Questions About Reefer Fueling Solutions

Who is Fuel Logic?

We are a full-service fuel management company based in Dallas, Texas.

What are Fuel Logic’s hours of service?

Our agents are available 24 hours a day to assist in emergency situations or for scheduled deliveries for bulk fuel. Our back-office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, however, we offer bulk fuel delivery service around the clock. Setting up delivery is as simple as calling us with details regarding your first truck’s departure and when the last truck returns for the night.

What kind of fuel does a reefer take?

Refrigeration units installed on shipping containers, trailers, or trucks are typically referred to as “reefers.” While the engine of a reefer truck is powered by standard diesel, the refrigeration unit uses a specific type of fuel known as “off-road” or “red-dyed” diesel. This diesel is not taxed.

How do I schedule fuel delivery for my reefer?

Scheduling a mobile fuel delivery with Fuel Logic is as simple as a phone call. Give us a call and one of our fuel team members will discuss your operations, your vehicles and equipment, what kind of fuel you need, and when you need it. We can accommodate almost any schedule whether you need fuel once a week, once a day, several times a day, or multiple weeks or months in a row.

Our goal is to help maximize your operations through efficient fuel management strategies and cost-effective solutions. Our clients find that working with Fuel Logic saves them time and money while increasing productivity.

How often do I need to refuel my reefer?

Most industry experts say it’s possible to get about 24 hours of use out of a full tank of fuel. On average, reefers should be refueled at least every two to four days depending on how the unit is being used, how often the doors are opened, how ambient temperatures are affecting operation, and how much fuel your reefer tank holds. To ensure optimal cooling results, it is best to fuel up your reefer every day that it is in use.

Do I pay tax for reefer fuel?

Because reefer fuel is considered “off-road” fuel, it is exempt from the typical government highway fuel taxes. This special fuel is dyed red to clearly differentiate it from standard diesel. Federal use tax is only applied to fuel that is used to propel a vehicle. Check with your tax advisor to see if you qualify for any tax credits tied to your off-road fuel usage.

*Note: Do not use dyed diesel to power a vehicle operating on public roads. This can result in heavy fines that can reach upwards of $10,000.

Why should I call Fuel Logic?

In a nutshell, a simple phone call to Fuel Logic can help ensure that your engines are fired up and your cargo is cooled down. With more than 50 years’ combined fuel industry experience, we are proud of our track record assisting companies of all sizes across diverse industries.

As the nation’s leading refueler, we understand fuel needs better than most and fully appreciate our clients’ need for timely delivery, superior fuel service, and accessibility to industry experts who can provide flexible fueling solutions around the clock.

Walmart, Target, Pepsi, and Google are just a small sampling of notable companies – large and small – that have partnered with us over the years to stay powered up.

When it comes to your reefers, keep your perishables climate-controlled, fresh, and safe with one call to Fuel Logic.

What does Fuel Logic do?

We deliver on-road diesel, off-road dyed diesel, gasoline, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to refrigerated trailers, fleets, equipment, bulk tanks, and more. We provide nationwide, no-contract mobile fuel services to clients across a variety of industries.

Why should I consider mobile fueling for my reefers?

At Fuel Logic, we understand that an uninterrupted power supply is essential for your day-to-day activities when your operations involve temperature-sensitive perishables.

Our services are ideal if you are looking for a fuel management solution that will ensure your turkeys stay frozen, candy stays cool, and floral items stay fresh. Other “reefer freight” products might include fruit and vegetable produce, dairy products, meat and poultry, seafood products, and pharmaceuticals.

Our fuel teams are well-versed in delivering fuel to your refrigerated trailers whenever and wherever you need it. Fuel Logic’s mobile fueling services take the hassle and headaches out of your fuel fill-ups. Our service translates into efficient, streamlined solutions for all your fueling needs.

How long does a tank of reefer diesel last?

Modern reefers are generally 53-foot trailers with tanks that can hold roughly 50 to 200 gallons of fuel. The efficiency of fuel usage will vary greatly from reefer to reefer depending on the operational settings (continuous or start/stop), the trailer contents, the ambient air temperature, and the temperature set for the trailer. These factors will impact how hard the unit must work to maintain a specific temperature, thereby dictating how efficiently fuel is used. On average, reefers will use roughly one half to one gallon of fuel per hour.

What are some problems I could run into with my reefer?

Paying close attention to the fuel gauge and temperature sensors on a reefer is imperative. Running out of fuel will cause a reefer’s generators to shut down which spells bad news for any temperature-sensitive cargo. Lost perishables could cost a company thousands of dollars or even make end users sick if items not stored properly at the correct temperatures are consumed.

Other common issues to watch out for are fluid leaks, calibrator issues, air leaks, and condenser problems.

Undergoing recommended maintenance, keeping tanks fueled, and staying temperature-aware are essential to successfully transporting and storing sensitive goods including seasonal meats, produce, dairy, florals, pharmaceuticals, and more.

How do I pay Fuel Logic?

We accept all major credit cards, fleet cards, and ACH payments. You can contact us here with any questions about payment or invoicing.

What industries do you serve for refrigerated trailer fueling?

A wide range of industries utilize our mobile fueling services for their reefers. We have many clients in the warehousing, hospital, food products, restaurant, grocery, pharmaceutical, chemicals, and floral industries, to name a few.
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