Best Portable Fuel Tanks For Your Fleet

February 8, 2024

Best Portable Fuel Tanks - Quality, Safe, and Reliable Fuel Tank Solution

In today's fast world, the demand for mobility and convenience is significant across diverse sectors such as construction, agriculture, mining, and transportation. Regarding this, portable fuel tanks emerge as a practical solution for businesses and individuals requiring a reliable and easily transportable fuel storage option.

portable diesel fuel tank

Portable fuel tanks offer a convenient and efficient way of managing the refueling needs of various industries. They are designed specifically for the transportation and temporary storage of fuel. These tanks provide a safe storage solution for flammable and hazardous liquids, including diesel, gasoline, and petrol. 

fuel transfer tank

Mobile fuel transfer tanks prevent downtime and streamline logistics. Considering the benefits of portable fuel tanks, one must also know the essential tips for handling fuel tanks. It will help avoid operational disruptions and associated costs.

What Is A Portable Fuel Tank?

A portable fuel tank is a mobile storage tank that offers a secure storage solution for hazardous liquids such as diesel, gasoline, and petrol. These tanks ensure a convenient fuel supply to different sites. 

Portable fuel tanks come in different sizes and are mainly made of plastic or steel. Steel tanks, recognized for their robustness, are particularly well-suited for heavy-duty applications, with standard sizes ranging from 440 to 3000 liters. On the other hand, plastic mobile fuel tanks come in sizes ranging from 230 to 440 litres. 

On Amazon, a portable fuel tank with a 15-gallon capacity costs approximately $200 to $250

Portable fuel transfer tanks find applications across a range of industries, including; 

  • Construction sites for on-the-go refueling
  • Agriculture to fueling machinery in the field
  • Mining operations in remote locations
  • Transportation and logistics for fleet refueling
  • Emergency power generation during outages
  • Marine applications for boats and ships

Things To Consider When Buying Portable Fuel Tank

You must consider the factors outlined below when purchasing portable storage tanks. 

1. Tank Material 

The first and foremost thing you should consider when buying a portable fuel tank is the type of tank material. You can purchase plastic or steel fuel tanks depending on your needs. However, one must prioritize the fuel tanks resistant to corrosion, UV rays, and rugged environments.

2. Tank Capacity

Generally, portable fuel tanks have capacities ranging from 30 to 400 liters, and other larger diesel tanks can hold up to 800 liters or even more. Pick a size that fits your needs, thinking about how you will use it and how long it will last before needing a refill. 

3. Easy to Transport (Weight) 

The weight of a portable fuel transfer tank is another crucial factor to consider. They must be lightweight to make carrying them to a designated location less challenging. 

Suppose you need a portable fuel tank to address fuel needs on a long journey without access to fuel stations. In this case, you would prefer a lightweight fuel container for ease of use and convenience to carry in your car when required.

4. Compatibility 

It is important to thoroughly examine compatibility with the fuel you will use, whether gasoline, diesel, or DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). You must ensure the tank is designed to safely store and transport the specific fuel you plan to store. 

Best Portable Fuel Tanks That You Can Rely On

The market for small diesel tanks has experienced substantial growth in recent years, resulting in a diverse range of new options. As of 2023, several mobile fuel tanks stand out as top choices. Here are the top-trending portable fuel tanks.

For Diesel Fuel 

Diesel is the most in-demand oil among all crude oil components and is essential for powerful engine vehicles. Let's explore the best options in portable fuel tanks for diesel delivery.

Vevor Portable Diesel Tank

transfer tank

Vevor Portable 58 GL fuel tank is a top-notch portable diesel fuel tank suitable for use in agriculture and at construction sites. A premium quality polyethylene material is used to manufacture this fuel tank. It is designed to resist UV rays and changing weather.

Moreover, the Vevor portable diesel tank has an integrated pump delivering up to 10.6 gallons per minute of diesel. The tank's capacity is 58 gallons, and it weighs 65.5 pounds. You can buy it on Amazon for approximately $550 to $700

Pros Cons
Easy to transport and use.Noisy pump
Durable and long-lasting. 
Excellent diesel fuel dispensing ability. 

AM-TANK Portable Fuel Tank 58GL Diesel. 

gas tank portable

The AM-TANK Portable Fuel Tank 58GL is a portable 58-gallon fuel tank designed to store, transport, and supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). It is manufactured in high-density linear roto-molded polyethylene(plastic).

The portable diesel fuel tank has a covering lid for weather protection and UV resistance. Furthermore, it is equipped with a suction net filter to prevent impurities. Its dimensions are 24"W x 25"H, weighing 31 pounds. Its price at Walmart is between $1000 to $1100.

Pros Cons
Durable and easy to carry.Hard to hold the lid open while refueling the tank.
Weather-proof and UV-ray resistant. 
Efficient fuel transferring power. 

Titan Truck Master 200

diesel transfer tank

The Titan Truck Master 200 is made of 12-gauge steel and weighs 72.7lbs. The tank features a lockable diesel cap with a vent to prevent fuel theft and spills. It is designed for use in pickup trucks and other vehicles and has a powder-coated finish, which helps prevent corrosion. With its 200-gallon capacity, the Tank Master 200 minimizes the need for frequent refueling. It costs between $900 to $1000.

Pros Cons
Large fuel holding capacity.  Difficult to handle due to large size.
Made of heavy-duty steel material for greater protection. 
Has a baffled design to minimize fuel sloshing during transit.   

For Gasoline 

Let's explore the best options in portable fuel tanks designed for gasoline delivery and storage.

Surecan 5-Gallon 

portable gas tank

The Surecan 5-gallon is a lightweight plastic gas can that stands out for its user-friendly features. It has a convenient thumb trigger that ensures easy dispensing. The plastic construction enhances portability, and the ergonomic handle offers comfort in portability. 

The Surecan has a capacity of 5 gallons, weighs 4 lbs., and is priced between $50 to $70.

Pros Cons
Offers excellent spillage protection.Improper drainage after use.
Ergonomic handle for convenient portability.The cap is difficult to open to fill the tank.

No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can 

mobile fuel tank

The No-Spill 1450 5-gallon Poly Gas Can is cost-effective, priced at around $40. This portable fuel tank is constructed from durable plastic with a 5.0-gallon capacity and weighs only 2 lbs. Its wide and stable shape, along with a large neck, facilitates quick dispensing. It has a push-button design that effectively prevents spilling and overfilling. 

The No-Spill spout has also proven to be leak-resistant. It is best to use for refueling cars and other automobiles that run on gasoline.

Pros Cons
Easy to carry and handle.  Difficult to check the fuel level due to the absence of translucent stripes. 
Top-notch anti-spill features. 
Convenient to operate.   

Scepter Duramax Flo-N-Go Fuel Caddy

portable fuel transfer tank

The Scepter Duramax Flo-N-Go Fuel Caddy is a vast portable fuel tank priced around $130. It is designed for commercial and industrial applications. With a generous capacity of 14 gallons and a weight of 19 lbs., this plastic fuel dispenser is suitable for medium-sized gas-powered vehicles like tractors, jet skis, generators, and ATVs.

Pros Cons
High-capacity tank with huge storage volume.  A little hard to handle due to its heavy weight.
Efficient fuel transportation.Some users reported faulty products with leaks.
User-friendly and easy to use. 

Safety Precautions On Handling Portable Fuel Tanks

Adhere to the following safety precautions to ensure the proper usage of portable fuel tanks.

Always read the manual.

Make sure to read the user manual that comes with your fuel storage tank. It has important info about how the tank works, what it can and can't do, and safety tips. Understanding these details is crucial in handling the tank safely.

Find an appropriate location.

Find an appropriate location for the portable fuel tank by placing it on a stable surface. You must keep it away from ignition sources, heat, and direct sunlight. Moreover, you must also maintain proper ventilation in the designated area to prevent the accumulation of fuel vapors in the fuel tank. 

Use a grounding cable or rod.

Ground the portable diesel fuel tank using a grounding cable or rod to enhance safety during fuel transfer. This precaution helps prevent the accumulation of static electricity, reducing the risk of sparks or electrical discharge.

Use a compatible portable tank.

Choose a portable fuel tank that suits its intended use and is compatible with the fuel type. Refrain from using old or contaminated fuel to prevent damage to the fuel system and tank.

Fill the tank appropriately. 

Avoid overfilling the tank. Instead, fill it slowly and cautiously while following the manufacturer's recommended fuel level and capacity guidelines. Overfilling can pose safety risks and lead to fuel spills.

Use appropriate fuel dispensing equipment. 

To safely handle portable fuel tanks, use appropriate fuel dispensing equipment like hoses, pumps, and nozzles for diesel fuel. It's important to exercise caution to minimize the release of fuel vapors and prevent spills.

Make sure to secure the connections. 

Securely fastening all connections, including hoses, valves, and caps, is crucial to prevent fuel leakage during transportation or use. Regular inspection of connections and tightening them as needed contributes to the safe storage and transfer of fuel.

Properly store and transport the portable fuel tank.

Avoid carrying a fuel container inside your vehicle's cabin or trunk, as the fumes can harm occupants. However, if you have no choice, keep the trip short, secure the container upright, and ensure proper cabin ventilation. 

Carefully maintain and regularly check the tank. 

Maintain and regularly inspect the portable fuel tank for degradation, leaks, or damage. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations to clean the tank and replace worn-out parts. 

Need Fuel to Fill Your Tanks? Fuel Logic Has Got You Covered.

Undoubtedly, portable fuel tanks mitigate the complications of managing refueling needs and the potential challenges of running out of fuel on-site. However, the challenge arises when you transport these portable fuel tanks for refilling, especially if they have capacities exceeding 500 or 800 liters. But we can solve this problem by coming to your location to fill your fuel tanks. 

Contact us and get your fuel tanks filled without the hassle of moving them an inch. Fuel Logic offers various fuel delivery services. We take pride in fulfilling your diverse fueling requirements, including mobile fueling, bulk fuel, and emergency fuel delivery

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