See the 5 Best Fleet Fuel Cards For Small Businesses in 2023 Now!

March 23, 2023

March 23, 2023

What is the best Fleet fuel card for small businesses in 2023?

best fleet fuel cards

Managing a small business often means you’re in charge of almost everything, from administrative tasks to customer relations and maintaining cash flow. Controlling expenses is one of the major challenges of running a small business. It requires constant decision-making on the best ways to reduce costs and maximize profit. If your business owns multiple vehicles that must be fueled to run services, then getting a fleet fuel card is advantageous. Finding the best fleet fuel cards help provide you with important fuel purchase data that you can use to monitor your expenses. They also offer more control, and that helps with fraud prevention.

The Fuel Logic Alternative To Business Fleet Card Providers

We know as a business owner, trying to find the best fleet card for your fuel needs can be challenging. But what if it was as easy a phone call to purchase fuel for your large fleet? Fuel Logic offers one of the best solutions for businesses in our managed fuel delivery. We bring the fuel directly to your vehicles on your schedule as many times a week as you require. Additionally, we send out a detailed fuel costs report after every service to with your different fuel types and gallons filled. Save on fuel and maintenance while also ensuring the safety of your team and vehicles.

We take care of small businesses to massive fleets so you can find a solution that is best for your business. Want to talk with a top fleet fueling agent? You can call us here or you can fill out our order form to get your order started.

If you're still looking for a new fuel card for your business please read on!

5 Best Fleet Fuel Cards for Small Businesses in 2023

If you're in the market for the best fuel cards for your business solutions, consider the following card options.

1. Visa Fleet Card

Visa Fleet Card is the best option for business managers looking to improve fleet management with accurate data. The Visa fleet card helps you control expenses on fuel by giving you rich insights into your fuel spending so you can make informed decisions.

The Visa Fleet Card collects information whenever your drivers use it at the pump, prompting driver ID and odometer reading. With the card, you can view and analyze individual statistics to know how much each vehicle consumes.

With this fleet card, you can also set spending limits, track all vehicle and employee purchases, and restrict specific types of spending. This way, you can control your fuel spending and ensure employee compliance.

The Visa Fleet Card is accepted in more than 236,000 fuel stations nationwide, so long-distance journeys will not be a problem.

Besides the fleet management benefits of the card, you also get emergency assistance services, emergency card replacement, lost fuel card reporting, and more. The Visa Fleet Card is one of the most reliable fleet fuel cards for fleet companies and small businesses.

2. BP Fleet Fuel Cards

BP Fleet Fuel Cards are ideal for small businesses, as they offer up to seven cents per gallon rebates at any BP station when you purchase at least 300 gallons of fuel a month. BP fleet cards also offer great control, better security, and flexibility in managing your fuel purchases.

It gives you great options for controlled spending, like setting purchase limits to avoid unauthorized expenditures. You can limit the purchases by day, week, or month. You also get access to statements with account information anytime, eliminating the need for collecting receipts to manage reports.

For businesses that operate within a particular city, BP fleet fuel cards are perfect. They have extensive inner-city coverage, so your fleet can operate seamlessly within the town.

BP fleet cards also help combat fraud. They allow you to monitor every after-hour purchase and daily transaction, and you can deactivate lost or stolen cards at any time using their online dashboard.

3. Shell Small Business Card

The Shell Small Business Card is ideal for your business if you’re looking for a fuel business card without a personal guarantee. The card is designed for small businesses that make at least $1 million in annual revenue.

With the Shell Small Business Card, you get up to 6 cents a gallon rebates at more than 13,000 Shell gas stations and participating Jiffy Lube locations. You’re also entitled to discounts at participating Jiffy Lube stations for oil changes and general maintenance.

The card allows you to set purchasing limits and how much your employees can spend. You also get access to their in-built detailed reports that help you monitor various aspects of your fleet’s fuel activity.

Their online account management makes it easy to cancel lost or stolen cards anytime. On top of that, you can contact their 24/7 customer service for any queries.

Overall, the Shell Small Business card gives you better control over fuel purchases, increased security, convenience, and fuel rebates that help you save money.

4. Texaco Business Card

Texaco Business Card offers the best value. It has zero setup, annual, or card fees. Texaco fleet cards are much cheaper than other top options, like BP.

Texaco also offers better savings, with up to eight cents a gallon rebates if you purchase 50,000 gallons of fuel per month. This is a great deal for small businesses with heavy fuel consumption.

The cards also have advanced spending controls, so you can track purchases and set limits for increased budget control. The comprehensive and customizable programs for accounting and reporting make fuel management easy and convenient. These programs enable you to manage fleet expenses better and eliminate unnecessary spending.

The Texaco Business Card is a good fit for businesses that run a small fleet of drivers who travel close to Texaco stations. If your fleet is larger and travels across the country, you might want to go for the Texaco Business Access Card.

5. WEX Flex Card

The WEX Flex Card offers the greatest flexibility in managing fuel expenses. This universal card is accepted at over 45,000 service locations and provides three cents per gallon rebates. Their WEX mobile app conveniently helps you find cheap nearby fuel stations.

WEX allows you to carry a monthly balance on the card, and you don’t have to pay setup costs or card fees. You don’t have to spend extra on anything, which helps cut down expenses.

With the WEX Flex Card, you get more control over your spending. You can limit fuel expenditure by hour, day, week, or number of transactions in a specific period. You also get reporting services for purchase activity and even tax exemption.

Lastly, WEX offers roadside services, like tire changes, jump starts, lockout services, towing, and more.

Top Fleet Fuel Management for Companies Made Easy!

For businesses with fleet operations, fleet management is one of your top priorities when it comes to budget control. Fleet fuel cards are the solution for fleet fuel management as they help with savings, tracking, and reporting. We bring all the perks of a gas station and fuel credit card into our fuel service.

We provide mobile fuel delivery and fleet fueling services across the country. We accept fuel cards, but we can help you transition from fuel cards to holistic fuel management. If you need gasoline, diesel, or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) delivered to your business vehicles we can take care of you! Give us a call today or fill out our online form to get started!

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