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October 12, 2023

Do you have a trucking business, and are you worried about its survival with the rising fuel prices? Well, not anymore. 

Are you wondering what is the best fuel cards for truckers? In this article, we have got you covered as you will learn about the ten best fuel cards for truckers that will not only help reduce the cost of fuel but also reduce maintenance costs and help run the business more efficiently.

10 Best Prepaid Fuel Cards for Truckers 2024

The ten best fuel cards for truck drivers are mentioned in this article, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. You can decide which card is best for your trucking business needs and order from Fuel Logic, as we accept payment via all the cards mentioned below.

best fuel cards for truck drivers

What Is A Trucking Fuel Card? 

Fuel cards are simply like a tool for making payments from trucking companies to fuel companies. They offer many discounts and special offers for trucking companies, whether they are owner-operated or a large-scale company. 

Fuel cards help reduce costs for trucking businesses with the constant rise in diesel and petrol prices. They are the best alternative to all other payment methods like cash, credit card, etc, and help purchase fuel at the current prices.

How Does A Trucking Fuel Card Work? 

Fuel cards work like credit cards or prepaid fuel cards for truckers. The payment can either be paid in advance or paid within 60-90 days after fuel purchase or made in advance. They are useful for trucking companies as they offer loyalty programs, rebates on fuel, spending reports, and many more special features.

top fuel cards for truckers

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Fuel Card? 

Fuel cards are beneficial to all trucking businesses regardless of their size. These benefits are:

  • Help monitor and control fuel consumption by the fleet.
  • It helps set spending limits by tracking fuel purchases.
  • Offers from other companies on other items such as toll payment, lubricants, and free car wash.
  • Help save money on fuel purchases.
  • A convenient way for truck drivers to make payments.
  • It helps avoid unauthorized fuel consumption.
  • It is safer for truck drivers to carry fuel cards on their journey rather than money, credit, or debit cards.

What Can You Use a Fuel Card For? 

Fuel cards for truckers have several uses, but before we get into that, one thing needs to be clear: fuel cards are not only for the trucking business. They also help benefit other companies by lowering costs, such as construction vehicles and equipment, delivery vehicles, fire trucks, military vehicles, taxis, ambulances, and government vehicles.

Fuel cards help make payments and earn offers that help get further discounts at lower prices.

How Much Does A Fuel Card Cost? 

Every fuel card has different charges; some of them don't charge a fee at all, and some charge a monthly fee. However, each card has its benefits, so trucking companies choose fuel cards according to what's convenient for them.

What Are The Best Fuel Cards For Truckers? 

The best fuel cards for truckers are the ones that offer the most benefits at lower costs. Moreover, Trucking companies should choose cards that help manage and control their workforce by keeping a record of fuel purchased by each driver/truck.

Most of the fuel cards that are mentioned below help you to keep track of how much fuel the truck needs according to distance. Hence, they prevent fuel theft that may happen if you give them a credit card to purchase fuel.

WEX Fleet FlexCard

WEX Fleet FlexCard is one of the top fuel cards for truckers. It provides a reporting package for fleet management and its solutions at favorable rates. More than 400,000 fleet companies use WEX fuel cards for their trucks.


  • It helps keep a check on fuel consumption, fleet operations, and driver behaviors
  • Offer an app to find nearby gas stations that accept WEX cards
  • It helps save up to 3 cents per gallon
  • It helps keep track of your expenditure
  • Suitable for all fleet sizes
  • 70+ card options for fleets with no annual set-up fee


  • Has a poor customer service

Order your Wex fuel card from: https://www.wexcard.com/

ExxonMobil FleetPro Card 

The ExxonMobil FleetPro Card is accepted amongst 1200 fuel stations and more than 700 commercial stations. Therefore, drivers would not have any issue finding a station where this card works.


  • Spending limits can be set
  • Exxon Mobil fuel cards can be used at 95 percent of retail fuel locations in the U.S.
  • Gives an insight into drivers fueling habits
  • Offer 10 cents per gallon savings for the first six months to trucks
  • Saves up to 1-6 cents per gallon
  • There are No Monthly overheads
  • Best fuel card for a small fleet across the East Coast 


  • It has a one-time setup fee of $40
  • A monthly card fee of $2
  • Interstate coverage is not that good

Order your fuel card from https://www.exxonmobilfleetcards.com/business-fleet-card

Apex Fuel Card 

Apex card, if used in on-network locations then, can help trucks save up to 49 cents per gallon and otherwise help save up to 3 - 5 cents per gallon. You can find amenities and in-network fuel stops.


  • The fee is not charged for in-network use
  • A cardless transaction can be made at stations such as TA and TA express and metro stop centers
  • Free analysis of fuel via the Apex Fuel Finder app


  • The benefit of on-network stations is way more than off-network stations

Order your Apex Fuel card from https://www.apexcapitalcorp.com/fuel/

Comdata Card

Comdata is specifically for the trucking industry; it gives benefits that no other businesses offer. 


  • Provides rebates on gasoline at Love’s, TA Petro, Flying Jay
  • Display the retail fuel price of all Petro and TA pump locations
  • Provides advanced analysis for easier cost management
  • Provides an app called FleetAdvance app that helps drivers find fuel


  • It has a smaller network
  • Charges a monthly card fee of $5
  • To set up an account, a fee of $50 needs to be paid

Order your card online from Comdata's website: https://www.comdata.com/fleet-solutions/my-fleet-program/index

Shell Fleet Navigator Card 

Shell Fleet Navigator card is accepted at 95 percent of gas stations in the U.S.


  • Accepted at more than 13,000 Shell stations
  • It helps save up to 6 cents per gallon 
  • Has no annual or monthly card fees
  • Business owners can set purchase limits
  • Offers 24/7 customer service
  • No card fee applies


  • Rebate rates are lower than some competitors
  • Funds can not be accessed if a card is lost

You can order your card from: https://www.businessfleetsolutions.com/savings/

ARCO Business Solutions Mastercard 

Arco Business Solutions Mastercard is a great fuel card for truckers in the western region of the USA. 


  • Accepted at all of the ARCO stations and other fuel stations that accept MasterCard
  • Save up to 10 cents per gallon for the first three months
  • Gallon limits and tracking options can be monitored individually for trucks/drivers
  • No card fees apply


  • No more discount is offered after the first three months
  • Most stations of Arco are situated in the west of the USA; hence is mostly recommended for truckers in that area.
  • Don't offer an app

Order ARCO Mastercards from https://www.arcobusinesssolutions.com/

Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet Card 

Fuelman is the best fuel card for truckers, especially those who have owner-operated trucking businesses, start-ups, and even big fleet companies.


  • Monitors fraud
  • Roadside assistance is available 24/7
  • Customers receive an annual bonus of $50
  • Keep a record of fuel consumption and taxes
  • Several options for fleet cards to choose from according to individual business needs
  • Offers up to 10 cents discount per gallon at selected stations
  • Fuelman fuel card is accepted at more than 50,000 stations in the U.S.
  • Protects businesses identity


  • $7.99 monthly card fee after the first three months of usage
  • The app is slightly unreliable

Order Fuelman card from: https://www.fuelman.com/offers/trucking-and-transport/

BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Card 

BP helps manage fuel costs for trucking businesses of all sizes. 


  • Offers discount of 6 cents per gallon at their locations
  • It helps keep control over spending on each card
  • Easily deactivate lost or stolen card
  • It can be used as a credit card for purchasing fuel
  • Annual fees are not charged
  • 25 cents per gallon are saved for the first 90 days


  • Monthly fee of $10; however, it's waived if 5,000+ gallons of fuel are purchased per month
  • The higher interest rate for carrying a month-to-month balance
  • It does not have a gas station locator app 
  • Not available in 14 states

Order it now from: https://www.bpbusinesssolutions.com/fuel-program-overview/

RTS Fuel Card 

RTS fuel cards offer great discounts to the fleet card industry. 


  • It gives a discount of 25 cents per gallon
  • It provides better-saving options than most of the competitors
  • Offers credit weekly
  • Some fuel stations of further savings
  • No contract or annual fee required


  • Offers a small number of fuel stations that provide benefits to RTS fuel card

Get an RTS Fuel card from their Website: https://www.rtsinc.com/product/fuel-discount-program

Pilot Flying J Fleet Fuel cards

The best quality of Pilot Flying J Fuel cards is that it offer cashback, unlike other cards.


  • Get up to 3 percent cashback
  • Has additional loyalty program discounts
  • The more you spend on fuel, the higher the cashback
  • No yearly card fees


  • This card is limited to being accepted at Flying J, Pilot, and One9 fuel stations

Website for purchasing this card: https://pilotflyingj.com/fleet/

Are Fuel Cards Worth It? 

By going through the pros and cons of all the cards, we can conclude that they are beneficial for the fleet industry as they:

  • Help them save money on fuel purchases by offering discounts
  • Help business owners monitor and manage their resources by providing them with in-depth details of purchases by each driver/truck
  • Give discounts on additional services such as lubricant oils, washes, etc
  • Help control your fuel expenses by optimizing them

It is, however, up to you to decide which card is what is the best fuel card for truckers' business and choose a card accordingly.

top fuel cards for truckers

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