June 15, 2020

Nationwide Fleet Fueling

June 15, 2020

Nationwide Fleet Fueling Solution

Why spend the first 30- 60 minutes of every day at the fuel station? This can be an expensive proposition when you consider the total vehicles and employees that are impacted each day. Spending time at the fuel station doesn’t make your company money, so why are you doing it?

What Nationwide Fleet Fueling Does For You


Our national accounts team will evaluate your current procedures and provide a comprehensive analysis on how we can eliminate unnecessary cost and burden from your daily operations. Our account managers will earn your employee of the month honors without being on your payroll. We can manage mixture of fuel solutions across the country and provide monthly comprehensive reporting for each of your sites, regions or markets.


Asset utilization is a key metric that the best fleet companies understand and manage diligently. Our clients that switch over from a fleet card to mobile fueling ultimately understand that a $0.10c savings per gallon at a gas station is not a savings at all when you consider the loss of productivity on your asset and the hourly wage you are paying your operator to drive to and from the fuel station. Mobile Fueling eliminates this loss of productivity returning an average of 3-4 hours per week for each of your assets and realizing an average of 20% savings off your true cost of fuel.


We work with hundreds of similar companies managing millions of gallons in fuel spend. When you join the Fuel Logic team, you become part of this vast partner network and start to see immediate benefits. The most obvious benefits are labor & fuel savings. Because we deliver millions of gallons, we have significant buying and negotiating power that you cannot accomplish on your own.

Stop Paying Retail At The Pump– Use Our Mobile Fleet Fueling

We operate 24/7/365 because we understand mobile fuel delivery needs can come at any time!

Benefits of Mobile Fuel Delivery

Mobile or wet hose fuel service is a simple and convenient fleet solution that provides many great benefits including convenience, employee productivity, employee retention and time savings. With mobile on-site fueling, you can get fuel delivered to your fleet anytime, anywhere. While you sleep, your fleet can be refueled with any fuel type & diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), leaving your fleet ready to go.

  • Labor savings
  • Less time wasted at fuel stations
  • Limit your liabilities
  • Control your fuel spending
  • We accept fleet cards
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Improved productivity

Fuel Logic provides you a wide range of mobile fuel solutions direct to your equipment. Whenever you need and wherever you need, we’ve got you covered. Click here or call us today 866-311-3571 to schedule fuel delivery online now.

Check out our Fuel Savings Calculator to transform your fleet’s fuel management system effortlessly. Learn how you can optimize fuel usage and significantly cut down on operational costs.

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