Everything You Need To Know About Renting a Generator

July 2, 2024

Generators keep the lights on when it matters the most. They not only support homes, but also crucial services like hospitals, businesses, and events. Power is so important, that you need reliability when considering one.

Instead of buying a generator, you can rent one. This way you can avoid the costs of buying and maintaining one, which can be elevated. 

Renting a generator is ideal for short-term needs or events since it provides flexibility and convenience, without a long-term commitment.

how much does it cost to rent a generator

Understanding Your Generator Rental Needs

Assess your power needs before renting. You don’t want to spend any money on something that doesn’t suit your needs, so you have to consider the right size and type of generator.

Some of the common uses include events, construction sites, and emergencies. Depending on this, the characteristics will vary. For example, the size of the event affects the generator choice. For a large event or festival, you will obviously need one that gives enough power to support the light and sound system, and internet, among other things. A small party wouldn’t require much power. The duration of the event and power load are also very important to consider.

Look into how these factors affect your needs to select the appropriate generator. This will prevent power shortages and avoid overspending.

Types of Generators Available for Rent

There are various types of generators you can choose from. You can’t just rent the first one you find. Each type fits different needs. Below is an overview of the main types.

Diesel Generators

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Diesel generators are known for their durability. These generators can handle large loads over long periods of time, which is why they’re usually used for construction sites, hospitals, and large events. 

Other characteristics of this type of generator are that they are more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, require less maintenance, and withstand harsh environmental conditions that you would find on constructions or outdoor events. Just like diesel or gas trucks, generators function in similar ways.

Natural Gas Generators

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Natural gas generators are an eco-friendly option. But they are also cost-effective. They burn cleaner than diesel generators, reducing emissions, which makes these the best for areas with natural gas lines. 

Natural gas generators are also reliable without the need for fuel storage. Plus, they are quieter than diesel versions. This makes them a good option for hospitals or schools, where the large noise of a generator could be disruptive.

Towable Generators

This type of generator is designed to be mounted on trailers, making them easy to move. This mobility is a major advantage for projects across different sites. Plus, they can be quickly deployed to restore power in emergency situations. Naturally, if you have the need to move the generator to different places, the mobility capabilities can be a deal-maker.

Large Industrial Generators

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Industrial needs require industrial generators. Only a large generator can maintain operations through the demanding needs of corporations. They support factories, large facilities, and critical infrastructure. They are the most expensive options due to this. But with the right one, large operations can avoid any significant downtime. In enterprises, a few hours of downtime could mean millions in losses.

Specialized Generators for Specific Needs

Specialized generators are tailored for unique applications that require they meet specific industry standards or operational requirements. Examples include generators for marine use, which need to resist corrosion and handle moisture, or maybe other environmental conditions like snow.

Benefits of Renting a Generator

The first benefit of purchasing your own generator is that renting avoids the high upfront cost of purchasing. So, if you only need one for a short period of time or a one-time event, then it doesn’t make sense to buy one. You will just have it in storage until a need comes up, which might not happen for a long time. 

The flexibility is also a great benefit. You don’t have to conform to the generator you purchased. You can rent one or multiple of different kinds. And for different events, you can just rent a different set.

The lack of flexibility in purchasing a generator is also reflected in the technology. Renting allows you to use the newest generators, which might be more reliable and fuel-efficient.

And don’t forget about maintenance. You don’t have to worry about it when you rent.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Generator?

Several factors will influence generator rental costs, such as size, rental duration, and additional services. Generator size significantly affects because larger generators provide more power. 

Obviously, the duration of your rental will affect the price. The longer you use it, the higher the cost.

Additionally, most of the time, you will have to pay for related services like delivery and setup. You don’t just rent the generator unless you handle the logistics and setup.

To give you ballpark figures, a small portable generator might cost around $50 to $100 per day. In contrast, a large industrial generator could range from several hundred to over a thousand dollars per day.

Factors to Consider When Renting a Generator

Determine Your Power Requirements

You need to ensure the generator can handle the load you’re putting it through. Start by listing all devices and appliances that will use the generator such as items that include lights, sound systems, tools, and heating units. Each item has a specific power consumption, which is usually listed in watts. Add all of these up to find the total wattage needed. 

Rental Duration

For short events, a daily rental might just be enough. Longer projects will benefit from weekly or monthly rentals, which usually offer lower daily rates but will depend on the provider. Calculate the time you will need the generator for and give yourself a little error margin because you don’t want to overpay or run out of power.

Cost and Budget

All of the elements we’ve mentioned before should be considered in your budget. Remember that it’s not only the cost of the generator itself but also the delivery, setup, and pickup.

Delivery, Setup, and Support

Aside from the price of these aspects, plan for making the delivery and setup as simple as possible. The logistics of transporting a generator can get complicated. So think about entry routes, the location it will sit in, and more. The provider will be able to help, but preparation is good in this scenario.

Noise and Environmental Concerns

Generators can be loud. So think if this is going to be an issue. Certain regulations might impede you from using certain types of generation in some settings. 

Safety and Regulations Compliance

Safety and compliance are aspects that you can’t forget about. This includes safety for the people working on the generator and the people around. The generator managers will have to know things like how long diesel lasts in the generator, and other things that can help with safety and compliance.

Insurance and Liability

Insurance coverage for your generator can be a good idea, so don’t skip it. Rental companies typically offer basic insurance, but check what it covers and consider additional insurance for comprehensive coverage. 

Choosing the Right Generator Rental Company

Among the things you need to consider before choosing a generator rental company are price, equipment, and service quality. A good company, like Fuel Logic, offers competitive rates, a wide range of generator types, and excellent customer support.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens if the generator stops working during the rental period?

If this happens, you need to contact the rental company. Their technicians will be able to help and give you a refund if necessary.

How do I determine the size of the generator I need to rent?

List all equipment required and calculate their total wattage plus 20-30% as a safety margin. But it is more recommendable to ask the expert you’re renting from.

How long will a generator run on a full tank of fuel?

You can expect smaller generators to run 6 to 8 hours and larger ones over 24 hours on a full tank.

What is your fuel policy for rented generators?

Rental generators typically come with a full tank and must be returned full, with options for refueling services available.

Do I need a permit to use a generator for my event?

Whether a permit is needed for using a generator at your event depends on location and scale. Check for noise, safety, and environmental standards.

How do I properly store a rented generator when I'm done using it?

After use, cool down the generator, clean it, store it in a dry area, drain fuel if gasoline-powered, and follow the rental company's return instructions.


Renting a generator will give you the most benefit if you have a short-term need. It’s more cost-effective and customized to your needs. But before you go renting any generator, think about the rental duration and total cost as well as the different types of generators available.

Once you have that defined, you can start looking for the right providers. By making the right choices you won’t run out of power when you need it. We are the perfect partners for you, so contact us today and we'll help you rent the right solution for you.

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