Commercial Fueling Network & How It Can Benefit Your Business

December 19, 2023

Commercial Fueling: Advantages Of Commercial Fuel Network for Your Business Operations

A study shows that commercial airplanes have been using more fuel since 2009 and reached an all-time high record in 2019 with an estimated 95 billion gallons. This indicates the rising importance of having more systematic commercial fueling to meet the demands of business operations. However, many steps have been taken to transfer commercial Fueling to a separate solution from traditional fueling.

Separate fleet gas stations have made it easier and seamless to refuel while saving time, costs, and risky refueling. However, the evolution has not stopped at any one solution, and mobile fleet fueling or commercial fuel delivery has also been introduced to streamline the fueling process more efficiently.

How have commercial fuel gas stations and onsite commercial fuel delivery made business transportation easier? In this article we discuss how to keep your vehicles fueled up and how continuous fueling is helping businesses.

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What Is Commercial Fueling?

Business transportation has different requirements than local personnel because of their constant dealings. The fleets need a distinct way to be fueled, which doesn't delay their transportation or waste much of their time. For that reason, the fleets are given separate systems of fueling that can suit their routes and efficiency simultaneously.

Moreover, businesses try to save as much cost as possible on each aspect of their business operations. In this case, a separate system enables fleets to refuel at commercial fueling stations and monitor their fuel usage to manage it efficiently. The system helps businesses ensure they can work seamlessly without burning their banks.

However, fleet refueling can be done onsite, where gas-filled tanks are sent to the company site, where drivers don't need to waste time on gas stations. Despite getting more space on separate commercial gas stations and taking up to 10-20 minutes to refuel, it's still possible to stumble upon inconveniences to reach the station at a specific time.

What Is a Commercial Fueling Network?

Let's have an example of digital products as their delivery takes place seamlessly with the help of diverse internet networks - from one seller to multiple buyers. Similarly, Commercial fueling networks are responsible for sending fuel to only commercial gas stations.

The commercial fueling network (CFN) is not only made for the easy purchase of fuel for business but also explicitly constructed on the routes where fleets mostly travel. The construction method and how it was planned help fleets assess fuel without stepping on a different pathway to save more time. However, commercial fuel is sold at lower prices due to more consumption than regular citizens.

Moreover, the whole business network works on a card system, just like a bank account, where you can't get the fuel without having proof of authentication and association with the commercial fuel network (CFN). The transaction and fuel usage can be found through real-time reporting, allowing for a more secure system to avoid theft and over-fueling.

Benefits Of Commercial Fueling Network for Your Business

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1. Convenient and Accessible Fuel Locations

Most businesses' primary issue with transportation is not getting fuel on time. Hadn't commercial fuel stations been built, the fleets would have run out of fuel every time they line up at usual fuel stations. Therefore, commercial fueling networks have covered this issue specifically by spreading the gas stations in major transportation routes to ensure accessibility in whatever region fleets are running.

The United States enjoys various commercial fueling stations, spreading their facility to a plethora of areas. Some are Pilot Flying J, TravelCenters of America, Shell Commercial, Chevron and Texaco Business Fueling, etc.

2. Fuel Discounts

study showed that most trucks can consume diesel worth more than $70,000 annually. Therefore, fleets often get entertained with huge fuel discounts and wholesale prices because of colossal consumption. The fleet cards are provided to drivers registered with the commercial fueling network, where they can quickly be informed about costs and discounts to keep warming their work efficiency.

3. Various Fuel Products

Most usual stations don't keep every fuel product, which is a complete no for fleets. CFN supports every type of fuel product to facilitate fleets. These products include:

  • Diesel: Diesel is widely used for commercial vehicles, especially construction vehicles, and for heavy-duty purposes.
  • Gasoline: Gasoline works like a core force for commercial fleets with spark-producing engines, e.g., cars, vans, and light trucks.
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF): Vehicles with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems require DEF to get parallel with environmental standards.

4. Driver Monitoring

CFNs (commercial fueling networks) provide fleet drivers with an advanced automated system to stay updated about their costs, fleet, and fuel management. The system includes numerous parameters such as speed, route measure, idle time, and fuel expense through GPS, telematics, and several other sensors. These sensors provide real-time insights to fleet management professionals about driver performance and fuel transactions.

5. Purchase Controls

Each drop of fuel carries importance for fleets, and therefore, they can't bear any risk of theft or wastage. CFN (commercial fueling network) has built a conventional system through fleet cards and electronic payments where restrictions can be applied on types, quantities, and frequency. The fleet card system has managed to give control of each transaction, which has thrown the fear of unauthorized use of fuel a mile away.

Alternative Option to Commercial Fueling Network

The benefits mentioned above of CFN (commercial fueling network) make it capable of being relied on, but still, a few issues can't be swept under the rug. There can be several situations when you can't reach the stations on time, such as:

  • Limited 24/7 gas stations nearby
  • Peak business hours
  • Traffic, especially in urban areas
  • Emergency such as punctured tires.
  • Large fleets and large product load

In these scenarios, it's nearly impossible for fleets to get refueled. But it's not a red-light condition since there is a reliable refueling alternative where fuels can be delivered for fleets anytime, anywhere nationwide!

Commercial Fuel Delivered Directly to Your Fleet

Whether your fleet is at a construction site, business place, or stuck at a route, you don't need to bite your nails and dial a mobile fleet fueling resource. Commercial fuel delivery has made refueling more convenient, which helps to stay pumped up without losing time and won’t even let your borderline fuel push its limit in the engines.

Moreover, research from Wonder shows that it takes around 62 hours per year for fleet owners to travel for fleet refueling purposes. In this way, when fleet owners will spend this much of their labor time for refueling, it will cost about $930 annually for having trips to gas stations and managing fleets.

The research indicates that mobile fueling also boosts the efficiency of drivers when they won't need to worry about spending more miles on refueling nor about any mismanagement. In short, when you will save time on your fleet refueling, you will increase productivity of fleet drivers - save on employment as well!

There are more benefits you can have in your bucket:

  • On-Time Delivery Whenever You Need It: You don't need to worry about time or location. Mobile fleet fueling services don't keep any barriers while ensuring to meet business operational demands nationwide.
  • Affordable Prices for Quality Fuel: Even though it may sound like an expensive service, it's not. The on-site fleet fueling services stay light on the pocket without adding any hidden.
  • No Tank Monitoring Costs: Mobile fleet fueling adds up to more cost savings after removing all needs of investment and maintenance of fuel storage tanks.
  • Comprehensive Fuel Management Reports: Detailed fuel reports are provided to inform fuel managers about fuel consumption, expense, and efficiency to decide on future transactions and management improvements accordingly.
  • Better Fleet Efficiency: When businesses won't need to keep looking at the CFN (commercial fueling network) route and their fleets stay maintained after onsite fueling, they are available to work efficiently for several other business operations.
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No Time Traveling at A Gas Station? Fuel Logic Has Got You!

While traveling, not only fleets but even ordinary travelers sometimes might face an unforeseen situation of weather, or blockage of the road, around 12% of total estimated delays in delivery in the US happen due to weather.

These conditions can be faced by any driver. But deciding how long it will take them to reach a nearby gas station will be as useless as shooting in the dark.

For fleets, these conditions are lethal, and you would never want operations to be stuck midway. But, since Fuel Logic hasn't kept any door locked to fleets fueling at any place or condition, businesses can prepare to cover even the lengthiest of fleet transportation with the amenity of onsite fuel delivery. The all-in-one service will provide you with all types of fuel, equipment, bulk tanks, or generators to keep your operations running smoothly.

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