Benefits Of Having A Reefer Truck For Your Business

December 20, 2023

Benefits Of Having A Reefer Truck For Your Business: Learn How To Leverage This Asset 

Imagine your whole perishable stock not being delivered at the right time with suitable measures. It will not only spoil your food but can risk public health due to even a little negligence. In this case, a primarily designed temperature condition for different kinds of perishable food is a cornerstone in saving you from real-time struggles.

Over 30% of food gets wasted or goes missing during deliveries. The wasted food isn't only threatening to the economy but creates greenhouse gases that lead to disruption to the ecosystem and social oppression. Therefore, having measures like reefer trucking is substantial to avoid any more food and product waste to brew a healthier and more protected environment. 

Keep reading further to understand how reefer trucks can help you discard all potential health and economic risks due to unconventional food delivery.

refrigerated trailer

What is a Reefer Truck?

Although you might not find a big physical difference between a dry van truck and a reefer truck, it's the inside that carries a huge difference. A consistent working system that involves vent and insulation is the main design of a reefer truck, which helps perishable foods to keep their freshness unwavering.

However, many people might mistake it for a cooling van, but in reality, it has a controllable system where the temperature is optimized according to each type of product. The reefer truck also called a refrigerator trailer, contains insulated walls of the cargo and small diesel engines that run the truck's compressor to maintain the desired temperature.

The reefer truck's whole system is a silver lining to weather and distance issues and ensures that all types of goods, such as dairy products, meat, seafood, frozen goods, etc., meet the consumer in their piping-hot state.

Not only that, but the healthcare, life sciences, floral, art, and antique industries can't risk sending their products to their sellers without reefer trucks since vaccines, medications, delicate artwork, etc., can't bear a slight difference in the temperature requirements.

Advantages of Having a Reefer Truck 

Every business wants to streamline routes to pile up more benefits and better performance. A reefer truck can be beneficial for business, but how? Check all the advantages mentioned below:

 1. Quick and Easy Delivery 

Many food spoilage happens due to delayed shipment. However, reefer trucks have an in-depth system to regulate temperature regardless of external conditions that ensure food quality. This way, tight delivery deadlines, and long-distance shipments are completed efficiently, soaring customer satisfaction and streamlined operations.

 2. Flexibility

Reefer Trucks are not limited to a very certain type of product. The fruit industry is leveraging reefer trucks to increase the shelf life of fruits. Similarly, many other industries enjoy reliable product delivery with reefer trucks. These industries are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Agricultural 
  • Healthcare and medical
  • Catering and event management
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Food and Beverage
  • Frozen and Refrigerated products
  • Biotechnology
  • Floral
  • Chemical 

Although reefer trucks can be heavy on pockets first, they entail several advantages that help industries save money in the long run by saving their products and reducing their wastage.  

3. Reduce Packaging and Delivery Costs 

Having a reefer truck is a lifetime investment, which means it will gradually cut down your costs. You won't need to do excessive packaging for several products that require more insulation. 

Moreover, you can have fuel delivery at your company's doors, saving you time and cost, which usually fades away while refueling at fuel stations every time.

4. Real-Time Temperature Monitoring 

Reefer trucks keep you connected with internal systems and product conditions during shipment. You won't need to worry about temperature fluctuations while getting busy with your other business activities as these trucks give you the facility to monitor the temperature all the time. 

5. Compliance With Regulations 

You won't need to worry about legal penalties or setbacks while using a reefer truck. The refrigerator truck services check safety standards, the truck's design, and set the reefer's temperature settings according to industry regulations. Therefore, you can continue shipping products confidently while following all other guidelines.

6. Prevents Food Spoilage

One of the major benefits of reefer trucks is that they won't let any food go bad during delivery. Whether the distance is short or long, food products require chill or cold temperatures. The changeable temperature condition helps the food keep its real freshness and even extends its shelf life.

7. Control Humidity 

There are many sensitive products, such as artworks, pharmaceuticals, and certain food items, that require a stable humidity level. The delicate materials used in such products like canvas or paper need to be protected from humidity or it can cause mold and degradation. For that reason, reefer trucks also provide a maintainable humidity system to keep all assets in their original state during shipping.  

 8. Ensure Product Safety

Many external factors can damage products while shipping them to consumers. The optimal environment within the truck helps guard the products against outside wavering temperature, humidity levels, and contaminations, avoiding any compromise to product condition.

 9. Sustainable Transportation 

Reefer trucks not only take care of consumers but the whole ecosystem by reducing food spoilage and product losses. The sustainable supply chain helps keep the economic crisis in check and revive more futuristic planning.

reefer trailer

Best Practices for Refrigerated Trucking

Follow these practices to get all the benefits of a refrigerated truck with full potential.

Know Your Shipment 

Your shipment decides the ideal reefer trucking for you. List all the major factors about your shipment, such as date, time, destination, etc., and then prepare the cargo accordingly. A slight carelessness or ignorance can lead to lethal temperature conditions and damage to your products.

Pre-Cool Your Trailer

Before you head to product loading, it's crucial to pre-set the required temperature and let the refrigerated trailer establish a suitable environment, just like done in a newly bought refrigerator. The pre-cooling or pre-setting temperature will help proceed to a safe temperature for products during travel and diminish the risk of potential damage.   

Load the Products Quickly 

As soon as the temperature is set, you must load all the products quickly. Delays in loading may cause temperature fluctuations that can interfere with the efficient protection of goods.

Track And Monitor the Shipment Closely 

Since reefer trucks provide you with the amenity of monitoring temperature and humidity, it’s best to leverage this tool for data-driven insights. Concerned personnel should stay attentive during the shipment journey and observe the engines and temperature conditions so any problem doesn’t escape their+ sight.

Plan Ahead Efficient Routes 

Planning is essential to keep any future issues at bay. Therefore, you must ensure that you have mapped down all the routes, performed fleet maintenance, and fulfilled all the truck requirements accordingly. It's better to choose a route compatible with traffic conditions, delivery schedules, fuel efficiency, and temperature requirements. Moreover, you can get fuel delivery services to cut off some of your time and money during your product's delivery and have a smooth journey.

Check Ventilation 

Reefer trucks require regular monitoring of ventilation systems to sustain the regulatory humidity and temperature systems. Help from professionals should be taken regularly to check if ventilation systems are calibrated in the right mode to avoid any unforeseen circumstances later.

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Unload Products Properly

Take your time with unloading the products. Take precautionary measures and unload each product carefully to protect your products from any external damage, or else a journey with such protocol will go down the drain.

Have Standby Jumper Cables

It's wise and recommended to get a backup solution, e.g., standby jumper cables on the safe side. These safe side solutions will combat any emergency power supply problems during transportation. 

Other Questions About Reefer Trucks 

How much weight can a reefer truck carry?

Different reefer trucks have distinct load capacities, but usually, a standard 53-inch refrigerated trailer can have a payload capacity of up to 55,000 pounds.

How much does a reefer trailer weigh?

The typical weight of a reefer truck is 12,455 pounds, excluding any load, and it can bear up to 65,000 pounds. The size can vary depending on the capability of loading the weight. 

How much does a reefer truck cost? 

A reefer truck's costs can be measured through factors such as truck size, brand, type of reefer trailer, and additional specifications. However, on average, a new reefer truck costs more than $170,000 and can be rented, too.

What type of fuel do I need for my reefer truck?

refrigerated trailer or reefer truck is run on diesel fuel because of its unique requirements. Since maintaining refrigerator truck conditions is the primary goal, reefer truck engines are required to perform without any pitfalls, and diesel fuel handles all these hefty conditions for perishable goods.

Where can I buy fuel for my reefer truck? 

You can buy reefer truck fuel from any fuel company that also deals in providing reefer fuel delivery. However, you can also get fuel delivery services at Fuel Logic, where you won’t need to waste your time and money on fuel stations, and fuel delivery services will send your required fuel amount at your convenience.

Do a Favor to Your Business - Save Time and Money with Fuel Logic 

A good engine performance always requires efficient fuel management when using a reefer truck. Having top-notch quality can ensure your reefer truck engine works seamlessly, but interruptions or emergencies can be detrimental to your money and time.

Therefore, Fuel Logic provides 24/7 reefer emergency fuel delivery, so you will never need to halt your operations wherever you are. Moreover, we stay side by side with your business by providing fuel management services to give you access to fuel supply and serenity for your other business needs.

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