Things to consider before you order Bulk DEF

August 24, 2023

According to the American Petroleum Institute, Diesel Exhaust fluid is a mixture of high-purity urea and deionized pure water in the composition of 32.5 percent by 67.5 percent that helps decrease emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the air by converting nitrogen oxide into harmless gases. It makes DEF an essential requirement for machinery that runs on fuel.

Fleet companies, construction companies, farmers, business owners, and grocery store chains need diesel to fill generators, refrigerated trailers, vehicles, etc. Therefore, with every machinery that requires diesel, DEF is also essential. Hence, purchasing bulk DEF is a feasible option so you don't run out of it.

It is also important to use good-quality DEF. Otherwise, machinery can be damaged. Also, remember that every engine has a different consumption of DEF. Some burn more and some less, so usage should be monitored, and orders should be placed accordingly.

DEF costs the same as diesel, but it's not consumed at the same rate as diesel, which should be considered while costing.

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What to consider while purchasing DEF in bulk?

Purchasing bulk DEF helps lower the cost for businesses. However, while placing an order of DEF in bulk, it is important to order enough so it does not finish before the required time. Similarly, it's wasteful to order more than what is needed.

Ensure the use of high-quality urea and deionized water in the DEF that you purchase. It can be done by ensuring that it meets the ISO quality standards. By purchasing high-quality DEF, you can be assured that your machinery's engine performs its best. 

Check the expiration date before making a purchase and that the quality of DEF is up to the mark. For example, fleet managers should make sure that the DEF they are buying has a certification of quality with every bulk order.

It is important to consider that DEF is consumed differently by machines that different manufacturers produce. The rate at which an engine uses DEF can be anywhere from 1 - 3 percent of diesel fuel consumed. So the order should be made accordingly. One gallon of DEF can be expected to go about 300 miles for a truck that averages 6 miles/hr.

While purchasing DEF, ensure that it is purchased from a trusted brand. By choosing Fuel Logic, there is no need to worry about anything from quality to transportation as we guarantee to deliver the best quality product to our customers.

How to transport Bulk DEF?

DEF can be transported via vehicles such as trucks. However, the following instructions should be considered:

  • A cool and dry environment should be maintained where DEF is stored.
  • It should be stored at an optimum temperature of 77°F.
  • The storage area should be very well-ventilated.
  • Containers should be in the shade, out of direct sunlight.
  • Prompt delivery should be made to make sure DEF doesn't stay in the truck for too long.

By placing your bulk DEF order at Fuel Logic, you can have totes and barrels delivered on-site, which need to be forklifted to your storage. We ensure that all the requirements of transporting DEF are fulfilled so our customers don't suffer inconvenience.

Storage of Bulk DEF

Here are several important instructions to consider while storing DEF both inside and outside the facility and regarding its transportation.

Limited Shelf Life

Remember that DEF has a shelf life, so order only how much is required and can be used effectively.

Reseal Containers Between Uses

It should be ensured that containers are resealed between uses.

Check Shelf Life with MMDDYY Date

To check the shelf life of your purchased DEF totes and barrels, check the date written on them in MMDDYY format and how much time has passed since then.

Order DEF Based on Inventory Size

If you don't have enough storage for bulk DEF, then order according to the size of the inventory so they don't exceed the shelf life limit.

Control Temperature Exposure

Ensure that DEF is not exposed to daily temperatures exceeding 95°F(35°C), and if it does, then maintain a low inventory.

Use High-Density Polyethylene and Stainless Steel Containers

Storage containers should be made from high-density polyethylene and stainless steel to prolong shelf life to its maximum capacity. Avoid containers made of concrete or unlined steel.

Store DEF in Sealed Containers

It should be stored in sealed containers to prevent contamination.

Rinse and Reuse Containers Properly

If containers need to be reused, they should be rinsed with pure water.

Proper Storage Conditions

DEF can be stored for a year or even longer if kept under the right conditions.

What to consider while storing Bulk DEF outside?

Following are the factors that you must consider while storing DEF outside.

Protecting DEF from Sunlight

If def is stored outside for a long period, it shall lose its urea potency due to sunlight. Hence, keep it in a shaded area outside to avoid the harmful effects of staying directly under sunlight.

Avoid Low Temperatures

Don't store DEF outside in temperatures below 23°F (-5°C) because it tends to become slushy at low temperatures of 12°F(-11°C) and freezes. 

Freezing Doesn't Harm DEF

Don't add chemical additives to prevent DEF from freezing since freezing doesn't harm DEF as it can be thawed and used again.

Optimal Storage Conditions

Make sure that where you store your DEF outside it is a cool and dry area so its shelf life can be maintained. 

These instructions will help prevent your DEF supplies from being contaminated and wasted.

Reliable DEF Supplier: Fuel Logic

DEF is an integral part of controlling harmful emissions in the air, making it compulsory to be a part of your machine at all times, such as: 

By staying in the optimal conditions mentioned in this article, DEF's shelf life can be well maintained and used effectively. 

Now that we know all the essential requirements from purchasing to storing DEF, it is important to ensure buying it from a reliable source. Hence, opt for Fuel Logic; you can deliver diesel exhaust fluid directly to your fleet vehicles instead of ordering bulk tanks.

We offer nationwide delivery while ensuring that bulk def delivery is made under all the requirements needed to transport it. You can order the delivery online or by calling our team.

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