Generators For Hurricane Season - What You Need To Prepare!

May 4, 2023

Generators for Hurricane Season - Everything Your Business Needs To Use A Hurricane Generator Safely

Generators For Hurricane Season

For many parts of the United States, hurricanes occur annually. Even with preparation, hurricanes have a great potential for destruction. Even hurricanes in lower categories can have effects like wind damage, flooding, and power outages. Hurricanes and power outages go together, so if there’s a hurricane in your forecast, you can expect a power outage once the storm hits. Sometimes, the power outage will last for days and even weeks, as the storm severely damages the power grid. As such, if you live in a hurricane-prone area, preparing your facility is vital. One way to prepare for the hurricane season is to invest in a generator. Generators for hurricane season help keep the power on and your business operations running when there’s a power outage. 

Can You Run a Generator During a Storm or Hurricane To Keep The Power Going?

Before we go over the types of backup generators, we should answer a common question among people who live in hurricane-prone areas. Is it safe to run a generator during a hurricane?

Using a generator during a hurricane can be dangerous, but there are measures you can put in place to protect your property and safely use a generator. The generator burns fuel, so there’s bound to be exhaust. As the fuel burns, the emergency generator produces carbon monoxide (CO), a toxic compound you should avoid at all costs.

Here are some safety tips for using generators during a hurricane:

·  Keep the generator at least six feet away from your premises

·  Ensure the generator is away from doors and windows

·  Make sure the generator’s exhaust is facing away

·  Use a specially-made enclosure, tent, or canopy to protect the generator from severe weather

Types of Backup Generators - Stationary or Portable Generators

You can choose from two main types of backup power generators: stationary and portable generators. When looking for the best generator for your facility or business, there are factors you need to consider to choose the most suitable generator that runs enough power for your business.

Stationary Generators

A stationary generator, or standby generator, is a type of generator that detects a power outage and switches on automatically. These generators are typically used in facilities like hospitals, storm shelters, medical services, telecom, and ERs. These generators are ideal for businesses where power is essential for business operations.

A standby generator is normally installed on-site, either indoors with a dedicated generator room designed to house it or outdoors near the building. This way, key operations will remain running when power is out.

A standby generator connects to the building’s main electrical panel and typically has an automatic transfer switch. When power from the main utility is off, the transfer switch prompts the generator to turn on, and when power from the main utility is restored, the switch prompts it to turn off.

Stationary generators are designed to provide extended backup power based on the type of fuel used and the configuration of the generator. They’re usually used solely for situations like power outages.

Standby generators are rather costly, given the high upfront and installation costs, as well as the cost of maintenance as time goes by. There are also costs like fuel storage and fuel supply needs that add to the expenses, but the benefits of having this generator during a power outage often outweigh the cost.

If you have enough space inside or outside your business facility and can handle the cost, a standby backup generator may be the ideal choice for your business. Standby generators kick in in as little as 30 seconds, and your business operations will be up and running again.

Portable Generators

A portable generator is a commercial-grade generator, typically mounted to a trailer and connected externally to your facility or equipment. Portable generators are usually used for facilities that can’t house a standby generator, off-grid projects, new construction sites, or emergencies like disaster recovery where power is needed.

If you're considering a portable generator solution, you get all the benefits of stationary generators with the added advantage of versatility. If you’re moving from one location to another, you’re better off with a portable inverter generator.

Portable generators are typically diesel generators ( some run on gasoline ), meaning you can refuel the generator as often as you need. This also means you need a steady diesel fuel supply to keep the generator running.

Stationary generators are typically a long-term commitment in that you must build a special room and install it in your facility. Portable generators, on the other hand, are ideal for short-term needs. There are several portable generator rentals where you can rent a generator for some time and return it once you’re done.

If your business or facility rarely needs backup power, portable backup generators may be a more cost-effective solution. Rather than investing in a standby generator that you won’t use often, renting a portable generator may make more fiscal sense when the need arises.

When you rent a portable generator, all the service and maintenance costs are taken care of by the dealer. This means a lot of the upkeep and maintenance cost that comes with a stationary generator is eliminated.

When weighing your options, you should also track rental expenses. Aside from the fuel costs, you may notice your rental costs are adding up significantly over time, depending on the rental frequency and your needs. At some point, purchasing a stationary generator may be more efficient and cost-effective, depending on the watts your business uses.

There’s also a significant amount of time lost while waiting for the generator to be delivered and connected to your facility. Ideally, you should set up a rental contract with a generator dealer to help reduce the delays associated with delivering the portable generator to your location.

Both stationary and portable generators provide effective power backup solutions, so it comes down to your business needs and your specific scenario. The frequency of power outages and your wattage usage should be the main factor you consider.

Plan Ahead This Hurricane Season By Getting on a Generator Refueling Service

When it comes time for hurricane season again, we'll provide reliable off-road generator refueling services. You can count on us to deliver diesel to your business and provide support 24/7. We understand how vital it is to keep your business operations running, and we’ll ensure you have plenty of power backup solutions even during natural disasters. We provide ultimate hurricane preparedness, so we can greatly assist if your business is preparing for a hurricane. 

Fuel Logic is the name to know for refueling on-site generators in hurricane season. We operate round-the-clock, delivering generator fuel to businesses in all industries. Keep your storage tanks full and your business running even during natural disasters. We give you time to prepare if your business is hit with an outage and is without electricity. Contact us today to get started!

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