Fuel Safety – Keep Your Team and Equipment Safe!

October 26, 2021

Fuel Safety – Keep Your Team and Equipment Safe!

This month, don't lose your head over frightful safety issues that could befall your employees during fuel station trips.

When you send your crews to gas stations to fuel up your equipment, a range of things can go wrong safety-wise.

First and foremost, the simple act of traveling to and from fuel stations can result in vehicle accidents and mishaps. Similar situations can happen in crowded gas station parking lots, where driver distraction and impatience are common. You're putting these big vehicles into the busiest environment– a Love's truck stop or a big truck stop. You're waiting in line to get into these pumps, usually in the morning, which is their busiest time, but now with tight constraints. They can get into accidents from backing into another truck, or they can clip a truck or pump while pulling in. Now you're opening yourself up to risk just by sending them to the gas station.

This situation becomes more of a hassle if you're not filling a fleet but jugs for construction equipment, generators, or refrigerated trailers. Transporting these can be accidents waiting to happen with spills, leaks becoming common with frequent use. Unfavorable weather conditions elevate these previously conditions to absurd heights. The problem is eliminated with a quality fuel provider like Fuel Logic, who can fill your equipment/generator before you come in for work. Additionally, you can have a piece of mind by getting a schedule set up so you never run out of fuel on the job.

Beyond driving, gas stations are a breeding ground for a host of germs and viruses. Think gas pump handles and keypads, restroom facilities, and a constant flow of travelers from all walks of life. Even with the best precautions, dangerous exposure to multiple elements is bound to occur at gas stations. Why risk sending your employees when the fuel can be delivered efficiently to your fleet vehicles, construction equipment, or reefer trailers.

Fuel Logic's Fuel Delivery

While these thoughts might send shivers down your spine, the good news is this: Fuel Logic is here to help.

While adhering to the highest safety standards and protocols, Fuel Logic team members bring fuel directly to your site and dispense fuel to authorized vehicles and equipment through a secure fueling process. We'll also provide real-time, detailed reporting of your fuel delivery service. A Fuel Logic operator will show up in the night or during the day (at your discretion) and whatever equipment you requested fueling. Call today to learn more about our service!

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