Mobile Fleet Fueling Services

We Bring The Gas Station To You.

Stop paying retail and wasting time at the gas station. Trust Fuel Logic's Mobile Fueling to bring the fuel to you.

diesel deliveryMobile Fleet Fueling to construction company in Texas
diesel deliveryMobile Fleet Fueling to an Ice Cream business
diesel deliveryMobile fleet fueling

Happy Clients

We are happy when our clients are happy. We make happy clients!
  • diesel fuel delivery
    reefer fuel delivery
    bulk fuel delivery
    mobile fuel delivery
  • A small business needing a DEF delivery
    A company asking for a direct to equipment delivery for their business
    A small business who needs a generator refuel
    A large company needing a reefer fuel delivery
  • A company asking for a direct to equipment delivery for their business
    A happy client that recieves a fuel delivery.
    A small business needing fleet fuel for a special event
    A large company that requested emergency fueling at their jobsite

 Stop paying retail at the pump– Use our Mobile Fleet Fueling Program

We operate 24/7/365 because we understand mobile fleet fueling needs can come at any time!

Benefits of Mobile Fuel Delivery

Our mobile fuel team will provide you a custom solution based on your day to day business needs. We will partner with and help provide you the best long-term solution, whether you have a fleet of trucks, trailers or just need jobsite fuel. Our product offerings vary from Diesel (clear or dyed) Unleaded, DEF.

Labor Savings

Less Time Wasted at fuel stations

Limit Your Liabilities

Control Your fuel spending

We Accept Fleet Cards

Comprehensive Reporting
Improved Productivity

Fuel Logic provides you a wide range of mobile fuel services direct to your equipment. Whenever you need and wherever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Call 972-999-1777 And We'll Get You Fueled! 
Mobile Fleet Fueling to Tiffton

Gas, Diesel Or DEF, Direct To Your Vehicle

Turn your 20 unorganized fuel managers in to 1 certified in Fleet Fuel Management backed by industry leading technology.

Fuel Products We Deliver

Dyed Diesel (Red Diesel, Off-Road)

We Fill Any Size Fuel Tank
Bulk Tanks

Refrigerated Trailers (Reefer Fuel)


Construction Equipment (Yellow Iron)

Call 972-999-1777 to find a fuel solution today!

Mobile Fleet Fueling

Fleet Industries We Serve

Replace Your Mountain Of Fuel Receipts With One Weekly Itemized Statement From Fuel Logic.

Event Rentals
Building Materials
Document Security

Refrigierated Trailers (Reefer Fuel)

Waste Disposal

 … and many more!!! 


Our Services Give You Time Back

Maximize Your Productive Hours With Fuel Logic And Reduce Fuel Cost By Up To 20%.
Mobile fleet fueling

Get One Hour Back Per Truck 

Did you know that your operator spends 10% of their day in a gas station? What could you do with one more stop, per truck, per day? Let’s assume you have 10 trucks in your fleet. Our services can give you back 1 hour per truck. That’s 10 hours per day! You just gained a full time employee and truck without incurring the expense. Now that’s smart fuel management!


Our 24/7/365 onsite Mobile Fleet Fueling Services

Fuel Logic’s onsite fueling services are available to fill your equipment, trucks and bulk tanks when they’re not in use. 24/7/365 days per year - Night or day. Fuel Logic ensures you don’t lose productivity.

Mobile fleet fueling
COVID 19 statement
While Fuel Logic remains open for business, our main concern is the safety of our clients, our partners, and our employees. We continue to monitor this COVID 19 situation closely. This is an evolving situation please be assured that we are closely monitoring the advice of the CDC and abiding by the regulations set by federal and state health authorities. We are taking the necessary actions to make sure that our employees, clients, and partners are protected.