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AS OF 07/01/24



AS OF 07/01/24

Call Fuel Logic at 866-805-4736 to talk to a fuel expert
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Call Fuel Logic at 866-805-4736 to talk to a fuel expert
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Call Fuel Logic at 866-805-4736 to talk to a fuel expert
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U.S. Regular Gasoline Prices

(dollars per gallon)
06/17/2406/24/2407/01/24 week ago year ago
U.S. 3.4353.4383.479 0.041 -0.048
East Coast (PADD1) 3.3573.3633.389 0.026 0.017
New England (PADD1A) 3.4163.3953.448 0.053 -0.083
Central Atlantic (PADD1B) 3.5343.5143.526 0.012 -0.049
Lower Atlantic (PADD1C) 3.2323.2613.290 0.029 0.086
Midwest (PADD2) 3.3153.3233.415 0.092 0.026
Gulf Coast (PADD3) 2.9923.0163.071 0.055 -0.037
Rocky Mountain (PADD4) 3.3303.2963.351 0.055 -0.439
West Coast (PADD5) 4.2934.2684.236 -0.032 -0.297
West Coast less California 3.9583.9443.912 -0.032 -0.490
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U.S. On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices

(dollars per gallon)
06/17/2406/24/2407/01/24 week ago year ago
U.S. 3.7353.7693.813 0.044 0.046
East Coast (PADD1) 3.8343.8763.898 0.022 0.087
New England (PADD1A) 4.0854.0884.096 0.008 0.006
Central Atlantic (PADD1B) 4.0504.0484.076 0.028 0.005
Lower Atlantic (PADD1C) 3.7273.7903.812 0.022 0.126
Midwest (PADD2) 3.6213.6623.729 0.067 0.025
Gulf Coast (PADD3) 3.4723.5063.549 0.043 0.081
Rocky Mountain (PADD4) 3.6823.7103.745 0.035 -0.205
West Coast (PADD5) 4.4174.4204.447 0.027 0.035
West Coast less California 3.9843.9904.039 0.049 -0.070
California 4.9154.9134.915 0.002 0.153

U.S. On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices (Weekly)

To obtain insight into fuel costs across America, one key question arises: what is the average regular gas price in the USA? The following table provides the answer, including the most recent statistics on typical regular gas prices. This information offers a clear perspective on the current fuel market trends in the USA.

The above table displays the weekly on-highway retail diesel fuel prices at the pump, as reported by the Energy Information Administration, and is segmented by region.

Are You Really Saving Money by Fueling Your Fleet at the Pump?

Think your business is cutting costs by sending your fleet to the pump? It's time to look beyond the surface. Traditional fueling methods hide significant expenses – from wasted man-hours to the risks of theft and accidents. Uncover the real cost of fuel for your fleet with our Fuel Savings Calculator. By factoring in these hidden costs, you might find you’re spending more than you think.

Fuel Savings Calculator

Use our Fuel Savings Calculator
Fuel Savings Calculator

State Gas Price Comparison

As a fuel manager in fleet or construction companies, we know how crucial it is to keep your business running smoothly while keeping costs in check. One significant expense you deal with regularly is the cost of gas.

At Fuel Logic, we understand that gas is a lifeline for businesses relying on vehicles, machinery, or heat. To ensure you save money and stay competitive, keeping a close eye on your gas expenses is essential. At Fuel Logic, we offer a user-friendly solution that allows you to compare gas prices regularly. Frequent gas price comparisons are not just a smart move but a must-do to avoid higher expenses and protect your profits.
But that's not all – we go the extra mile by providing a unique feature that enables you to track fuel prices in your specific state of operation. We understand that comparing gas prices among states is crucial for your budgeting strategy. With Fuel Logic, you can effortlessly keep track of fuel prices and their latest changes in your state.

Above all, you don’t need to worry about data reliability; we source our information from the trusted U.S. Energy Information Administration for accessing up-to-date USA gas prices.
Fuel Logic's detailed comparison lets you understand how gas prices vary across different states.

Historical Data and Analysis

At Fuel Logic, we know that historical data and analysis are vital components for informed decision-making in fuel management. Our platform not only provides real-time insights into current USA gas prices and the national gas price average, but also offers solid historical data and analysis features.

With Fuel Logic, you can conveniently access and analyze historical data related to fuel prices. We let you gain insights from past trends to make strategic choices that positively impact your bottom line. Our platform allows you to track fuel price fluctuations over time, offering a comprehensive view of how costs have evolved.

Yearly Gas Price Averages:

Our platform goes beyond just displaying numbers. It shows authentic seasonal trends for additional context. The analysis helps you understand the seasonal variations in gas prices USA. The user-friendly platform enables you to anticipate and plan for fluctuations.

Our yearly gas price averages and seasonal trends analysis allow you to fine-tune your budget and operations. You can use these insights to improve purchasing strategies, plan maintenance effectively, and stay on top of market changes.
Gas Price Table

Gas Prices by State: Insights and Comparisons

Discover and compare gas prices in different US states at Fuel Logic, where we break down the most and least expensive states for gas. Our simple insights and comparisons help you make smart choices for your fuel needs. Stay in the know and manage your expenses wisely with Fuel Logic.

Most and Least Expensive States for Gas

Understanding which states have the highest and lowest gas prices in the USA is crucial for businesses. It helps companies to plan their budgets well, control costs, and stay competitive. Companies can improve their delivery routes and work more efficiently when they know how gas prices vary in different areas.

Fuel Logic serves you with this facility, providing helpful gas insights and comparisons that let businesses manage their finances better and plan for the future.

Highest Prices (December 2023):

● California: $4.617 per gallon
● Hawaii: $4.676 per gallon

Lowest Prices (December 2023):

● Texas: $2.677 per gallon
● Mississippi: $2.664 per gallon

Smart Fuel Savings Tips

Smart fuel-saving tips are essential for businesses as they contribute to cost reduction, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Implementing these tips helps save money on fuel expenses and enhances overall fleet management.

So, let’s discuss the top-notch fuel-saving tips and tricks:
TIP #1
Optimize your travel routes
Optimizing routes is a simple yet effective way to save money and be eco-friendly. Planning efficient routes helps you cut fuel use. It also lets you avoid extra trips, cut idle time, and pick the shortest paths. Moreover, planning routes wisely is good for the environment, reducing carbon emissions.
TIP #2
Regularly maintain your vehicle.
Regular vehicle maintenance ensures your engine runs smoothly, uses less gas, and prevents potential issues. Simple actions like keeping your tires properly inflated and getting regular tune-ups can significantly affect fuel efficiency. This way, you not only save money on fuel but also extend the life of your vehicle
TIP #3
Keep track of gas price trends for informed decisions.
Staying informed about gas price trends is a simple way for you to make smart choices and manage your fuel expenses effectively. Knowing when prices are likely to rise or fall allows you to time your fuel purchases wisely. This way, you can save money by filling up when prices are lower.
That's why Fuel Logic is here for you. We help you plan efficient routes, keep your vehicle in top shape, and stay informed about gas prices. We are your go-to solution for saving money and making smart fuel decisions.

Unlock True Savings on Fuel Costs with Fuel Logic

In today's fast-paced business environment, managing your fleet's fueling needs efficiently can make a significant difference in your operational costs. While the national average gas price charts offer some insight, they don't tell the whole story. Many businesses mistakenly believe that sending their fleet to the pump is the most cost-effective solution. However, this overlooks the true cost of fuel, which isn't just about the price per gallon.

With Fuel Logic, you gain a partner that goes beyond mere fuel delivery. Our comprehensive fuel management services are designed to address the hidden expenses that can drastically affect your bottom line. Consider the time your hourly employees spend away from their primary duties, the risk of fuel theft, the potential for accidents, and the downtime of your fleet during fueling. When these factors are accounted for, the cost per gallon skyrockets.

That's where we step in. Fuel Logic is dedicated to optimizing your fuel management strategy, offering tailored solutions that cater to your unique requirements. By choosing our fuel delivery services, you'll eliminate the hidden costs associated with traditional fueling methods, enhancing fuel efficiency and unlocking significant cost savings.

Elevate Your Fuel Efficiency and Cost Savings with Fuel Logic

Ready to explore the true cost of fuel and how Fuel Logic can drive your success? Our experts are here to guide you toward more efficient fuel management and substantial savings. Contact us today to learn more or to place your fuel delivery order. Let's embark on the journey to fuel your success together!

Learn more about your true cost of fuel.

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Gas Prices FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
How frequently are gas prices updated?
Gas prices are updated on a weekly basis.
What factors influence changes in gas prices?
Gasoline prices change based on various factors, and they can vary across states and regions. Apart from state and local taxes, other reasons for these differences include proximity to the fuel supply, supply disruptions, retail competition, and operating costs.
How can I save money on gas?
To save money on gas, keep an eye on market trends and fill up when prices are lower. Fuel Logic offers the latest insights on gas prices, comparing regions and cities across the USA. Reach out to Fuel Logic for up-to-date information on where gas prices are low. The authentic information about gas prices will enable you to make smart decisions and save more on fuel expenses.
Do gas prices significantly differ across the USA?
Yes, gas prices vary considerably across the USA due to factors like state taxes, supply and demand, proximity to refineries, and local market conditions.
Why did US gas prices go up?
According to EIA, the gas prices increase due to the decrease in gas supply. It happens if there are issues with getting crude oil, problems at refineries, or disruptions in gas pipeline deliveries. The main reason is the cost of crude oil, which is mainly influenced by global supply and demand. Even though the US produces a lot of oil, it still imports more than it exports, mainly from Canada, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.
Can I expect these national average gas prices with Fuel Logic's delivery service?
The gas prices listed here are national averages at the pump and are intended for general reference. These averages may not reflect the price per gallon with Fuel Logic's services, as our pricing is influenced by local truck stop prices in your area. While we strive to offer competitive rates, the prices we offer may vary from the national averages due to these local considerations.
Why are the prices per gallon different from my delivery prices with Fuel Logic?
The prices you see in our chart are retail averages across the nation and can fluctuate based on location and market dynamics. In contrast, Fuel Logic's prices are based on your local truck stop rates, which might differ from these national averages. Our goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective fueling solution by considering the local prices and additional factors that can influence the cost, ensuring you receive the best value for our services.
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