At Home or Away, Mobile Fueling Solutions Deliver a Win

October 25, 2023

Whether a championship golf tournament, hot NFL matchup, World Series game, electrifying soccer match, NASCAR race, or exciting basketball game, there is one thing all these sporting events have in common: people.

And where there are people, there are needs, demands, and requirements to be met.

Whatever the venue – an arena, golf course, stadium, or track – there are a lot of behind-the-scenes details that must come together to make these experiences fun, safe, and memorable.

Mobile Fueling events

An Appetite for Fuel

There is no doubt that tasty treats and drinks are half the fun of any sporting event. Think a heaping pile of nachos topped with cheese and jalapenos, a loaded burger, or a twisted, salty pretzel.

Or it might be a plate of delectable Gates Bar-B-Q at a Kansas City Royals game at the “K,” a “Dodger Dog” in Los Angeles, or a “Cowboys Cheese Steak” at “Jerry World” in North Texas. And let’s not forget creamy ice cream scoops served in cones, cups, and souvenir helmets. (Are you hungry yet?)

You get the picture. All the stadiums, all the aromas, all our favorite flavors.

Reliable refrigeration is a must when it comes to much of the food we enjoy at professional sporting events. This means generators are running as well as refrigerated trailers, often known as “reefers.” An uninterrupted power supply is a non-negotiable when it comes to perishable food safety, and a steady supply of fuel is a big part of that picture.

Dallas-based Fuel Logic has extensive experience delivering fuel around the clock and understands the importance of maintaining optimal temperatures for perishable food.

For the past decade, the company’s expert fuel teams have provided fast, reliable fuel service to clients nationwide. With 50 years combined experience, Fuel Logic is well versed when it comes to working with generators and reefers of all types, which usually require a specific type of fuel known as “off-road” or “red-dyed” diesel, which is not taxed.

No matter the city, stadium, or venue, Fuel Logic can accommodate almost any schedule, whether you need fuel for a day, a week, or a season.

Powering Stadium Energy

Day or night, at every professional sporting event, an endless array of lights, fans, heaters, signs, scoreboards, utility vehicles, AV systems, video boards, and any number of other pieces of equipment must be powered up and running.

Most stadiums have backup diesel generators that ensure seamless operation of elevators, escalators, exit lights, floodlights, and more in the event of an unexpected power outage.

Newer stadiums are built using the latest technology and older stadiums are being renovated with new generators that facilitate smooth stadium operations, no matter the situation. By design, this strategic planning delivers a high level of system redundancy and greatly increases operational security.

Stadiums and sports venues might have commercial generators built by Caterpillar, Cummins, Generac, Kohler, or other iconic names that are powered by large engines that usually require diesel or gasoline.

These massive stationary generators deliver dependable emergency standby power for a wide range of applications, while smaller, portable generators can power mobile floodlight towers, catering equipment, sound systems, and more.

Fuel Logic has a proven track record of providing fuel for generators across a diverse range of industries in almost every state. Whether a few gallons or several thousand, we can bring the fuel straight to your stadium, arena, or track to refill one or several generators. We are in the business of ensuring that your generators have fuel and that power is available when and where you need it, any day of the week.

Fuel Logic Trifecta: Reliability, Efficiency, and Versatility

No matter where you are located in the United States or what kind of venue you manage, Fuel Logic’s mobile fueling services take the hassle and headaches out of fuel fill-ups. Our service translates into efficient, streamlined solutions for all your fueling needs, whether you are keeping hungry fans fed, parking lots lit, or players cooled off on the sidelines.

There are any number of ways that mobile fuel can help make your next sporting event a major success, and scheduling a mobile fuel delivery with Fuel Logic is as simple as a phone call.

Fuel Logic is the Smart Mobile Fueling Solution for Your Stadium or Arena!

Contact us, and one of our fuel team members will discuss the type of fuel you need and when you need it. We can accommodate almost any schedule, whether you need fuel once a week, once a day, several times a day, or multiple weeks or months in a row.

No matter the sport or the season, Fuel Logic can get you to the finish line!

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