Fuel Logic’s Tales from the Road: Chasing Adventure with Bugatti

February 8, 2024
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It is not every day that one of the world’s most elite car manufacturers requests fuel for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

But when the 2023 edition of the famed Bugatti Grand Tour America got underway on a recent bright October day, fuel was a critical component of the exhilarating driving experience … and Fuel Logic went above and beyond to answer the call.

Organized annually for Bugatti customers, this year’s unique expedition took shape as a four-day excursion during which drivers navigated winding roads amidst scenic vistas of the magnificent American West.

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And when the illustrious procession of French hypersports cars hit the road, the Fuel Logic fuel truck was there every step of the way, racing from one stop to the next to fill up tanks to ensure the continuous roar of W16 engines and seamless cruising between destinations.

Ready to Roll

The trip kicked off at The Lodge at Blue Sky, a resort near Park City, Utah, where drivers were treated to an epic evening of cocktails and dinner inside a rustic arena crafted from recycled local barn wood. The venue’s elegantly appointed dining table was strategically placed between two rows of 20 gleaming Bugatti hypersports cars.

The meal, music, and camaraderie between the Bugatti owners set the stage for the fun to come in the days ahead.

The next morning, after a drivers meeting, the procession of Bugattis departed Park City in grand fashion and headed to their lunch stop, an iconic 1924 Conoco filling station in Helper, Utah, that had been meticulously restored. The stop along U.S. Route 91 in Utah’s Carbon Corridor provided ample opportunities for Instagram-worthy shots juxtaposing the vintage Continental Oil Company signage with the sleek Bugattis against sweeping blue skies.

The dedicated Fuel Logic professional provided premium fuel to ensure all the sports cars were topped off and ready to keep rolling, and the Bugattis made their way onward.

Next stop: Desert bliss.

Chiseled Charm in Moab

That afternoon, the drivers and their companions cruised winding roads through the breathtaking canyons of southeastern Utah, taking in spectacular sights through the windows and Sky View roofs of their Bugatti Chirons and other models.

Panoramic vistas of jagged terrain, shadowed mountaintops, and splashes of dazzling fall color made the drive even more stunning and memorable.

The Bugatti procession arrived at Hole N'' the Rock, a most unusual home in the desert and one of the Moab area’s most famous roadside attractions.

The 5,000-square-foot home, carved into sandstone by the Christensen family in the 1940s, draws about 500 visitors daily and served as a whimsical pit stop for the Bugatti drivers.

While the cars remained parked at Hole N’’ the Rock, the group was transported to a surprise location nearby, where they savored a gourmet dinner served in a red-walled sandstone cave. The Tour participants retired for the night under celestial skies in their exquisite glamping accommodations at ULUM® Moab.

Overnight, behind the scenes, Fuel Logic’s fuel pro refueled the Bugatti tanks, ensuring the luxury cars were primed for the following day’s adventure.

Gateway to Nature’s Wonders

A glorious desert sunrise, vast untamed landscape, and crisp fall breezes offered an enchanting moment to pause with morning coffee before revving engines for Day 2 of the Bugatti Grand Tour America 2023.

Once seated behind their respective wheels, the drivers eagerly continued their journey, blissfully unaware of Mother Nature’s surprises that lay ahead.

The cars departed their Hole N’’ the Rock stop and headed toward Gateway Canyon, blazing asphalt trails through towering red rockscapes, nature’s vivid foliage, and dramatic peaks and valleys.

Dark skies on the horizon signaled impending inclement weather, and later that day, the Bugatti owners – and the Fuel Logic fuel driver – were forced to navigate perilous conditions on their way from ULUM to their next destination, Aspen, Colorado.

Over time, blue skies transitioned into rain and eventually snow as the drivers continued their trek eastward into the Centennial State.

Even through less-than-desirable weather conditions, the Fuel Logic mobile fuel provider ensured that the Bugattis were adequately fueled up for the miles yet to come.

With the assistance of state-of-the-art safety technologies, the high-performance hypersports cars safely reached their evening target, and the group gathered for an elegant reception and dinner at a luxurious private home where opulent environs wowed them, a candle-lit meal and conversation, and an aerial acrobat.

The historic 130-year-old Hotel Jerome, situated in the heart of downtown Aspen, promised an indulgent respite for the overnight hours.

A Drive to Remember

The schedule called for continuing to Vail during the final day of the Tour; however, heavy snowfall dictated a change in plans.

Due to morning whiteout conditions, the itinerary for the day shifted to include a private shopping event at Hermès followed by a leisurely, private lunch at Clark's Oyster Bar in Aspen.

As the clouds cleared that afternoon, several Bugatti Grand Tour America members chose to put their personalized cars to the test and braved the mountainous roads around Aspen.

And guess who was also there?

On hand to top off the Bugattis’ tanks, Fuel Logic provided convenient, customized mobile fuel service directly from the fuel truck to the cars where they were parked.

The day drew to a close with a final outing at Aspen’s famed Kemo Sabe store, where the group designed their own mountain-chic Western hats before transitioning to Catch for a celebratory dinner.

At the end of the night, just as wonderfully as it all began, the epic 608-mile Bugatti driving experience across some of America’s most captivating land came to a bittersweet end.

The Bugatti Grand Tour America 2023 may have been over, but the memories, friendships, and spirit of adventure will always endure.

Fuel Logic’s Commitment to Excellence

Like the iconic Bugatti brand, Dallas-based Fuel Logic shares a deep passion for its service and customers.

Whether Fuel Logic is filling the tanks of Bugattis, construction equipment, generators, refrigerated trailers, or fleets, our commitment to providing superior, no-contract service across the United States never wavers.

We have an extensive, proven track record of providing strategic mobile fuel solutions to global firms such as Google, Walmart, and Pepsi, to name a few, and customers including hospitals, nursing homes, construction sites, grocery stores, restaurants, special events, sports venues, and more.

Further, we also pride ourselves on devising creative solutions for extraordinary, time-sensitive situations that may occur due to power outages, severe weather events, or other unforeseen circumstances.

In this case, when Bugatti event planners needed a last-minute premium fuel solution due to an issue with another fuel provider, they called Fuel Logic with only days to spare.

Fortunately, Brandon Ward, fuel consultant with Fuel Logic, knew just what to do to secure the fuel Bugatti needed.

For its esteemed Grand Tour America 2023, Bugatti required two to three daily refuelings for its 20 Bugatti sports cars driving from Utah to Colorado.

Over the course of four days, the Bugatti Tour members needed fuel amidst a range of conditions – sun, rain, and even snow – on the winding roads of the excursion, and the Fuel Logic fuel truck was there at every turn – figuratively and literally.

At Fuel Logic, we understand that unexpected situations often require urgent solutions that are dependable, dynamic, and efficient, and we were honored to serve as the private “pit crew” and provide a continuous fuel supply for Bugatti’s exclusive Grand Tour America 2023.

“We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to not say ‘no’ to customers,” said Ward. “We will always do everything we can to accommodate our clients’ needs, leaving them wondering why they would ever do business with anyone else and ecstatic they found Fuel Logic!”

Contact us today to learn how Fuel Logic can deliver customized fuel solutions for your business or operations.


Check out the BUGATTI Grand Tour Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/I8SpoaJRRyg

Images were sourced from this BUGATTI article to better illustrate the story: https://newsroom.bugatti.com/stories/us-grand-tour-a-remarkable-adventure-in-the-american-west

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