Fuel Logic’s Tales from the Road: Generating Super Bowl LVIII Buzz in Las Vegas/OR from Mandalay Bay

May 16, 2024
Super Bowl LVIII Buzz in Las Vegas

Few will deny that 2024 brought with it one of the most electrifying NFL Super Bowls in the history of American football. And behind the scenes, Fuel Logic was part of the action.

The end of January saw the Kansas City Chiefs triumph over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC title game while the San Francisco 49ers enjoyed an epic comeback against the Detroit Lions in the NFC title game.

It was official: the Chiefs and 49ers would meet at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas on February 11, 2024.

The questions were soon flying. When was kick-off? How could one watch or stream the game? Would the Chiefs win back-to-back Super Bowls? And would Taylor Swift make it across nine time zones from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce play?

News and Views from Radio Row

All jokes aside, Super Bowl LVIII was headed to Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, and that meant preparation and planning. Lots of it. Especially for the tremendous amount of power demanded by the weeklong Super Bowl experience.

With more than 6,000 credentialed media from 26 countries on hand to cover it all, football's biggest week kicked off in grand fashion with Super Bowl Opening Night on Monday, February 5, 2024.

This translated into Chiefs and 49ers players and coaches making their only public appearance of the week, followed by days of endless interviews with former players and celebrities, broadcasts, podcasts, and more, streaming live from myriad sports and entertainment outlets, all of which required superior communication infrastructure.

At the heart of the week’s broadcasting activity was Radio Row, now also known as Media Row, set up in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Fueling Media Messaging

Saunders Electric, renowned power systems provider for the television, live broadcast, and live event industries, had been tapped to power Radio Row.

Ensuring an uninterruptable power supply for a 24/7 flow of content from nearly 200 outlets – including sports talk radio stations, podcasters, and national media platforms – camped out at Radio Row called for a power strategy that promised flexibility, performance, and most importantly, reliability.

Saunders called in long-time trusted partner Fuel Logic to assist by providing a steady supply of fuel for the multitude of generators and other equipment supporting Radio Row’s energy needs.

Super Bowl LVIII Buzz in Las Vegas

Major news and entertainment outlets including CBS Sports, iHeart Radio, Sirius XM, the Associated Press, NBC Sports, Fox Sports Radio, Paramount, TikTok, FanDuel, DraftKings, and Yahoo Sports were among the industry heavyweights that filled the luxury resort’s exhibit hall and broadcasted Super Bowl-related content daily across the globe.

The persistent humming of generators, engines, and machinery hinted at the extraordinary energy required to keep the lights on, screens going, and conversations flowing at such an iconic event.

Throughout Super Bowl week, Fuel Logic teams expeditiously delivered gas and diesel, filled generators, and coordinated mobile fuel service around the clock for planned – and sometimes unplanned – situations.

One Big Party

Super Bowl LVIII Buzz in Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay was just one of countless sites in Las Vegas keeping pace with the dynamic narrative brought on by Super Bowl week guests, revelers, A-list celebrities, events, and more.

Beyond the walls of Radio Row, Fuel Logic provided mobile fuel delivery to Las Vegas’ MGM Grand and Resorts World, which hosted multiple mega Super Bowl parties, as well as other clients in need of convenient, dependable, and efficient mobile fuel.

While the glitzy city in the desert is no stranger to showing visitors a good time, serving as home to Super Bowl LVIII meant leveling up its game a notch.

But when the dust settled after the Chiefs’ overtime win, Las Vegas earned high marks for its lavish brand of hospitality.

Amidst the epic hustle and bustle that came with hosting the Super Bowl for the first time, Sin City brought the fun with concerts, live events, luxury accommodations, delectable dining, and an exciting array of diversion that only the Entertainment Capital of the World could deliver.

And that’s a victory by any measure.

Create a Winning Game Plan with Fuel Logic

Super Bowl LVIII Buzz in Las Vegas

Fuel Logic’s track record of providing superior mobile fueling service speaks volumes about why the company was a natural fit to help fuel Las Vegas’ Super Bowl LVIII entertainment extravaganza.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Fuel Logic is well versed in assisting companies of all sizes across the nation thanks to more than 50 years’ combined fuel industry experience. Household names like Google, Walmart, and Pepsi, as well as smaller businesses spanning diverse industries, enjoy the peace of mind, attentive service, and cost savings that Fuel Logic delivers.

Our no-contract streamlined mobile fuel service is ideal for everything from major events, like the Super Bowl, to construction sites, sports venues, healthcare facilities, service fleets, grocery stores, and more.

Whether you need one gallon or 500 gallons of diesel, gasoline, or DEF, Fuel Logic is committed to doing what it does best: providing strategic and creative mobile fueling solutions for almost any situation on any given day.

“Fuel Logic can handle your long-term strategy or your short-term scramble for fuel,” said Brandon Ward, fuel consultant with Fuel Logic. “We are in the business of supporting our customers’ success any way we can.”

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