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Same day gas, DEF and diesel delivery service in Dallas 24/7/365 days a year. Fuel Logic makes no contract fuel delivery simple and reliable.
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Experience Worry-Free On-Site Mobile Fuel Delivery in Dallas

Home to iconic skylines, a veritable who’s who of corporate residents, five professional sports teams including America’s Dallas Cowboys, and endless employment opportunities, it’s no surprise that the Dallas-Fort Worth metro continues to draw new residents every day.

North Texas knows how to get business done, and Fuel Logic is here to ensure that your company has fuel around the clock. We specialize in getting you fuel fast – no matter where you are, how much you need, or what industry you serve.

Fuel Logic will save you time, money, and energy to help maximize your operations and your bottom line.

Keep your equipment out of the gas stations and start saving money and gaining efficiency today with fuel delivery services.

Leave the stress and hassle of filling your fuel tank to our experts

Dallas diesel, DEF, & gasoline delivery

We understand the importance of meeting schedules and are readily available to supply tanks of fuel at night to ensure your team is up and ready to go the following day. If you'd like more information regarding our diesel fuel delivery services in Dallas, contact us today!

What Do We Fill?
If it needs fuel...  we're filling it.
Fast turn around and the top quality service is our promise. 
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On-road diesel is the staple in the vehicle industry, and we've got you covered. Our mobile on-site fuel delivery trucks deliver directly to your fleet or equipment.


At Fuel Logic, we service thousands of Dallas residents with gasoline for consumer, commercial, and two-cycle equipment.

Dyed diesel fuel

We're the top dyed diesel fuel supplier in north Texas as well as the country. You need marked diesel, off-road diesel, red diesel, whichever name you prefer; we bring it right to you, where and when you want it.

Diesel exhaust fluid

You can count on Fuel Logic for all your diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) needs. Whether you need it to your equipment directly, or you request bulk DEF delivered to your job site we'll keep your business taken care of.

Save Time and Money with Fuel Logic's On-Site Fuel Services in Dallas

We offer a wide variety of fuel delivery services in Dallas, Texas, all aimed at meeting all your fuel needs and ensuring maximum efficiency. Time spent hassling with fuel is time not spent on your business, and we want to help you save money. 

Leave the fueling logistics to us, and do what you do best. Also, when you're in a bind, and need fuel fast, you can count on us to get emergency fuel delivered directly to your fuel storage tanks.
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Get access to fast diesel fuel delivery in Dallas, Texas

With Fuel Logic, you get fuel delivered directly to your site or business premises, enabling you to save valuable time. We eliminate the need for driving to the gas station and back, which causes inefficiency and interrupts your workflow.

Maximize efficiency and improve your bottom line today with our no-contract, quick, and reliable fuel and gas delivery.
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No contract
Nationwide 24/7 mobile on-site fuel

On-Site Gas and Diesel Fuel Delivery in Dallas

Managing your expenses involves more than just pump costs. Tracking usage, paying bills, and deterring theft can waste time and hinder efficiency. Fuel Logic takes care of it all, reducing stress. Skip gas station visits; we deliver diesel, gas, dyed diesel, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), saving you money with competitive prices.

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Dallas Generator Refueling Service

Generators are essential to the day-to-day running of your job site or business, from backup power to outdoor events. Your operations do not have to stop because electricity is unavailable, and that's where backup power generators come in.

Most generators rely on diesel, and that's our specialty. Trust us for dependable generator refueling service to maintain your generators and keep your business running.

These folks are top notch! You’ll quickly notice that Customer Service is a core value... very comprehensive and useful.
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Generator fueling & maintenance

Backup generators require regular maintenance. You need the assurance that they'll be ready to go when needed.

It's essential to ensure they are fully fueled with uncontaminated diesel. We provide maintenance services through our "essential care" program. The services include:

· Quarterly fuel top-offs
· Annual testing for contamination
· Additives
· Filtration, if necessary
· Pump replacement, if necessary

We provide prompt, professional services at all times. We are the right bulk fuel supplier in Dallas for all things generator refueling and maintenance. Fill out our contact form if you have any questions or want to get started on an order!

def delivery

DEF Delivery - Diesel Exhaust Fluid On Demand

Do you require diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)? We're on our way. We have customized our DEF delivery services to fit any industry across the United States, and you have tons of options to choose from:
DEF delivered on your terms
One-time DEF delivery
Scheduled DEF delivery
DEF delivered directly to your tank
Totes and pumps
DEF jugs on a pallet
Pumps and drums
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DEF delivered or shipped

We make DEF simple

DEF no longer has to be cumbersome. Let Fuel Logic handle the stress while you focus on critical business operations. It's easy to get started, fill out our order form, then our team will provide pricing custom to your solution. After some final details, your fuel can be sent on it's way!

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Reefer Trailer On-Site Refueling

For businesses with temperature-sensitive perishable goods, we know how crucial it is to keep your products cold. Let us help you avoid spoilage and waste by scheduling fuel delivery for your refrigerated trailers and trucks. We operate 24/7/365, ensuring no spoilage occurs on our watch.

Become part of our Dallas diesel delivery and you don’t have to worry about your trailer’s fuel level.

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Fuel Logic is your reliable partner for all your on-site diesel fuel delivery needs in Dallas, Texas

Employee productivity affects your profits, and we know how vital it is for them to remain focused on the business not finding truck stops. 

We take over the hassle of fueling your assets, including the management of large amounts of diesel, gas, DEF, and dyed diesel. 

Focus on running your business

The convenience of diesel fuel delivery in Dallas
Fleet fuel management has never been easier with Fuel Logic’s dedicated local Dallas team of experts by your side to assist you along the way.  
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Diesel delivery dallas
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Diesel Fuel Delivery
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Direct To Vehicle Fleet Fueling And Fleet Management

Fleet fuel management is made effortless thanks to our dedicated team of local experts ready to lend a helping hand.
When your fleet isn’t moving, it isn’t making you money. Fuel Logic brings the gas station to you—on your schedule 24/7.
We ensure your entire fleet is always on the move and that your employees remain focused on vital business operations. Whenever your schedule is interrupted, that's money lost. We work around the clock to deliver quality fuel directly to your trucks and equipment tanks, so you're always ready to go. Call us today so to deliver fuel directly to your location!

Contact us to take your mobile fleet fuel management 
to the next level!

Mismanagement of commercial fuel and labor expenses can deeply cut into your profit margin. 
A lot of costly labor goes into self-fueling your equipment, and we can help you minimize these costs.
Fuel Logic provides comprehensive reporting, which allows you to manage your fleet effectively. With our technology, every gallon is documented for analysis and fuel expense management. Give us a call! 

Trusted by world class businesses — both large and small

Happy clients from Washington DC to Dallas to Los Angeles!
Fuel Logic services nationwide. We're happy when our clients are happy. We make happy clients!

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Be constantly on the move with Fuel Logic's no-contract fuel delivery

For your fleet vehicles or job site, rely on us for mobile refueling support. We handle the complexities of refueling, leaving you free to concentrate on your business. We serve a wide range of industries in Dallas, Texas. Reach out to us now!
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Our Fuel Management benefits include:

Back-office support 
Detailed reporting 
Asset management  
Ongoing business reviews 
Regular auditing & analysis
Strategy design 
Management & incident escalation

We've made fuel delivery and management, simple

Getting started give us a call, chat or start an order online. We offer diesel fuel delivery services, DEF and gas nationwide!
Call us at 972-999-1777.
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Frequently asked questions.

A collection of our top questions to show you just how easy it is to go Fuel Logic!

What types of fuel does Fuel Logic offer?

We deliver on-road diesel, gasoline, and off-road diesel (also known as dyed or farm diesel). Modern diesels require diesel exhaust fluid or DEF. We provide a wide range of DEF solutions, including delivery directly into your tank, pallets of jugs, 55-gallon drums, and bulk fuel totes.

Can deliveries be scheduled ongoing?

Yes, we will work with you to provide fuel on a schedule as long as you need it. We can even deliver fuel multiple times per day if needed. Whether you need diesel fuel once, short-term, or long-term, we’ll design a schedule that works for you.

What are your hours of operation?

Fuel Logic’s bulk fuel delivery routes operate 24/7/365 days per year. Our agents are on-call 24hrs a day to assist in emergency situations. We schedule our deliveries around your schedule. All we need to know is when your first truck goes out and when your last truck returns. Our back-office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

What is wet hosing or direct to equipment?

Wet hosing (also called direct to equipment) is a method by which your fuel company delivers the desired fuel directly into your fuel tank while your truck sits. Wet hosing eliminates the need to send your employees to the fuel station. If your fleet regularly parks at the same place, this can be a great solution. Advantages include reduced labor costs, reduced theft, wholesale fuel prices, increased productivity, and reduced wear and tear. Keep that asset on the road longer with wet hosing.

Do you service my industry?

With our many years of experience in the fuel delivery business, we’ve fueled thousands of companies across the United States. We fill fleets of trucks/vans and construction equipment daily, and during weather emergencies, we’re on-site filling backup generators. If you need bulk fueling, we offer that too. We even fill trains! Give us a call today to see if we can help you.

Do you have smaller trucks for tight areas?

** Fuel types and delivery methods may vary from city to city as we operate a nationwide network.
Yes, in many markets, we have access to smaller pickup-sized fuel delivery trucks and larger traditional bobtail fuel delivery trucks. These vehicles are necessary for generators in parking garages, event venues where space is limited, etc.

What does Fuel Logic do?

Fuel Logic is a full-service fuel management company. We deliver on-road diesel, off-road dyed diesel, gasoline, and diesel exhaust fluid to fleets, bulk tanks, reefer trailers, and other machinery nationwide.

We also work with companies to design the right bulk fuel delivery and procurement strategies that maximize labor efficiency and savings across their locations nationwide. No two geographic areas are the same. Systems must be unique and tailored to meet the specific challenges at each site. We're involved all along the way as your “outsourced” fuel manager.

Where do you deliver fuel?

We operate a nationwide diesel fuel services network and can facilitate deliveries almost anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. If you need fuel, we can get it to you. See our locations here!

How do I know the quantity is right?

Our trucks all have approved Weights and Measures pumps, just like your typical fuel station. We regularly calibrate our pumps to ensure you get the correct quantity every time. Most trucks also have technology that digitally captures the amount pumped into individual trucks with GPS tracking.

Can you save me money?

Fuel Logic’s diesel fuel delivery services will likely save you money. We base our pricing on wholesale fuel prices, not retail. We will also work with you to help you understand your “true cost of fuel.”

Fueling your fleet can be costly when you factor in labor, theft, travel to the station, accidents at the station, and asset downtime. Fuel Logic has developed advanced calculators that will use your unique data to show you how much self-fueling costs you as opposed to our diesel fuel delivery.

Do you deliver diesel to generators?

Yes, we specialize in generator fueling. The size doesn’t matter; we will deliver fuel to data center generators, emergency generators, construction generators, event generators, or large building backup generators.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, fleet cards, and ACH payments. You can contact us here if you have any questions!
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Fuel Logic, nationwide, no-contract fuel delivery

Fuel Logic provides you with a wide range of gas & diesel solutions. We deliver directly to your stationary and portable generators whenever and wherever you need it.
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