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Does your business rely on off-road diesel to get the job done? What is “Off-Road” diesel, and why should I be using it anyway? We'll help you!
off road diesel delivery nationwide

What Is Off Road Diesel?  

Off-road diesel is the same as on-road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), except it’s free of State and Federal road taxes. It’s intended for use in off-road equipment such as generators, trains, tractors, bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, forklifts, skid steers, reefer trailers other standard heavy equipment. Take the time to understand your state’s rules and start all saving money today. It all adds up to significant savings and profit to your bottom line.

Off Road Diesel Delivery Makes Your Job Easier 

Be it a job site, a high-rise building, a grocery store, or your family farm. Fuel Logic can provide off-road diesel directly to your location. We can pump directly into your equipment, or we can pump into your bulk or jobsite tank. We understand the applications and industries that rely on off-road diesel. Downtime is an expensive proposition, and we help you eliminate it. Our deliveries are reliable, consistent, and on time. We work hard to be your fueling partner.

Off Road Diesel Delivery 

We operate 24/7/365 because we understand fuel needs can come at any time!
Off road diesel delivery
We often get asked if off-road diesel is a lower quality fuel than on-road diesel. Off-road diesel is identical to on-road diesel, except a red dye is added for identification purposes. Off-road diesel is known by several other names like dyed diesel, farm diesel, and red diesel. It’s all the same tax-free diesel. To use off-road diesel in your operation, you need to register with your state to receive a permit. 


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All states are different, and you should reach out to your state’s comptroller to better understand their unique rules and requirements.
Generator fuel delivery

Generator Fuel Delivery

Generators are great examples of equipment that should be using off-road diesel. It doesn’t matter if it’s for emergency power, permanent power, or temporary power on a construction site. You can’t afford for it to be down! We specialize in generators and understand the challenges that come with fueling generators.

On Site Fueling for Construction Sites

Most equipment on your construction site can utilize off-road diesel. Forklifts, skid steers, bulldozers, backhoes, and excavators can all use off-road dyed diesel. We can also fill your jobsite bulk tanks. Don’t have one? We can help you source one or provide you a rental (subject to availability). Delivering off-road diesel to construction sites can be challenging. We understand these challenges and will make sure your equipment is ready to work when you are.
off road diesel delivery
off road diesel delivery

Refrigerated Trailer Refueling (Reefer Trailers)

You can use off-road dyed diesel in your reefer if it’s not sharing a tank with the truck. Usually, the independent trailers will have a barrel tank hung under the trailer. This is a sign of an independent fuel tank. This type of trailer can certainly use off-road dyed diesel. You can’t afford to take chances with thousands of dollars in refrigerated inventory. Fuel Logic provides reliable deliveries to reefers all across the country.

Off Road Diesel FAQ

Have a question about off road diesel or our service? Check below or contact us now!

Can Fuel Logic Deliver Nationwide?

Yes, Fuel Logic can provision deliveries to most areas across the United States.

What is off-road dyed diesel?

Off-road dyed diesel is identical to on-road diesel, except it's free of state and federal road taxes. A red dye is added to the diesel for identification purposes.

Does Fuel Logic have minimum quantities for a delivery?

No, Fuel Logic does not have minimums. We will deliver any amount of fuel to your equipment.

What hours does Fuel Logic operate?

Fuel Logic operates day and night shifts 24/7/365

Will Fuel Logic pump fuel directly into my equipment's tank?

Yes, we will fuel your equipment individually.

What is Green Diesel?

Green diesel is the same as on-road taxed diesel. Many brands of diesel have a green tint, hence the name. It's also known as clear diesel.

Who can use off-road dyed diesel?

The short answer is anyone. You can use off-road dyed diesel in any piece of equipment that does not operate or drive on public roads. You are required to register with your state to obtain a permit. Reach out to your state's comptroller to better understand the rules and regulations.

Is dyed diesel the same as off-road diesel?

Yes, off-road diesel goes by many names, including farm diesel, dyed diesel, tax-free diesel, red diesel, etc.

What's a Reefer?

A reefer is a nickname for a Refrigerated Trailer. These trailers are typically used as temporary cold storage.

Can I run off-road diesel in my Reefer?

Yes, you can as long as the refrigerator motor operates on its own tank and does not share a tank with the truck that pulls the trailer.

Is off-road dyed diesel of a lower quality than clear on-road diesel?

No, off-road dyed diesel is the same fuel as on-road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). There's a dyed added to the diesel for identification purposes only.

Will you get in trouble for using off-road dyed diesel in your vehicle.

YES, all states are different, but if you're caught operating a vehicle on public roads using off-road dyed diesel, you will get in trouble. Fines and penalties are stiff. Do NOT do it!

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