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There is strength in numbers!  Fuel Logic aggregates the fuel spend of all of our clients to negotiate for the good of the herd.  That’s why it’s Safer in the Herd!

Safer in the Herd - Mobile Fuel Delivery Done Right

There is strength in numbers!  Fuel Logic aggregates the fuel spend of all of our clients to negotiate for the good of the herd.  That’s why it’s Safer in the Herd!

Your Fuel Managers Outsourced Fuel Department

Mobile Fuel Delivery, Bulk Diesel Fuel & More 

When you partner with Fuel Logic, you’re essentially hiring a professional fuel department and joining a network of hundreds of similar companies.  We assume responsibility for all aspects of fuel management including strategy design, negotiation, continual auditing/analyzation, comprehensive reporting, fleet management, issue management/escalation, bill pay, and regular business planning reviews.  The initial audit and fuel program design is just the beginning with Fuel Logic.  Our business model is based on long productive relationships with our customers.

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Because our compensation is based on the savings we are providing, our goals are aligned.  Because our goals are aligned, you can bet we have your best interest in mind. 

This intentional design guarantees that we are as motivated in year 10 as we were on day 1.  That’s why it’s Safer in the Herd!!


  • Your Outsourced Fuel Department
  • Regular Audits & Analyzation
  • Strategy Design
  • Provisioning & Negotiation
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Fuel Logic Back-Office
  • Issue Management & Escalation
  • Fleet Management (Moves/Adds/Changes)
  • Managed Bill Pay
  • Regular Business Reviews

Safer in the Herd?

Why is it Safer in the Herd?  We aggregate millions of gallons of fuel to negotiate the BEST prices in the industry.

Take advantage of the Herd


We work with hundreds of similar companies managing millions of gallons in fuel spend. When you join the Fuel Logic team, you become part of this vast partner network and start to immediately benefit. The most obvious benefits are fuel savings. Because we represent millions of gallons, we have significant buying and negotiating advantages when compared to going at it alone. Why negotiate with thousands of gallons when you can join the Herd and negotiate with millions of gallons? We constantly monitor OPIS industry trends so that we are making the most informed decision possible.


Our influence goes far beyond mere financial savings however. It’s just a fact, when you represent a significant portion of a supplier’s business, you’re more likely to get their best. It’s not a question of “if” there’s a problem but “when” there’s a problem, how will your supplier react. As your fuel department, Fuel Logic will work to document, manage, and escalate all issues with service or billing. Our team has the systems and processes in place to ensure that you are getting the service you expect. We hold the supplier accountable!

We’ve got your back!

Our qualified and experienced team is always watching. We are constantly watching and analyzing your bill to insure you’re actually receiving your negotiated rates. We are constantly looking for the outliers and digging into the why. Why is one identical truck constantly using 10% more than the rest? Is it just more justified use or do we have a maintenance or theft problem? We are constantly watching fuel trends and changing your strategy accordingly.

We Save You Money and Time at NO Cost To You!

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