Fleet Fuel Cards

Save money and bring order when fueling on the road!

Fleet Fuel Cards are similar to credit cards, giving fleet managers the metrics and reporting necessary to control and analyze their fuel and maintenance spend. Fleet cards offer many more benefits when compared to your typical “Gas Card”.  Gas Cards are only used for fuel while “Fleet Cards” can be used for all your fleet fuel and maintenance needs.  Generally these fleet cards are used in a network of participating merchants.  These merchants typically provide more detail about the transaction.

Fuel Logic custom tailors’ fuel card programs that provide flexibility and choice for our customers. Through our partnerships we are able to provide the right solution for your fleet.  Fuel Logic gives fleet managers the tools they need to better manage retail purchases with fleet fueling cards that can be controlled at both the card and account level.  Fuel cards can be assigned to drivers, vehicles, or organizations and purchases can be restricted to fuel only so that non-fuel purchases are blocked at the time of authorization.

Fuel Logic goes far beyond just providing you with fleet cards.  We audit and analyse your purchases each and every month.  Our goal is to let you know when drivers are purchasing fuel outside the network as soon as possible.  We make sure you’re getting the negotiated prices with every purchase.  Our back office will work with your team to administer your fleet card account.

Truck Stops

Everyone understands the role that truck stops play for fleets on the move. They are a part of the American landscape and culture. Fuel Logic recognizes the need to have truck stops as part of a balanced portfolio. We’ve negotiated special rates to insure that you’re getting the absolute best pricing available. Our procurement team works diligently to regularly add locations all over the country.

Bulk Fuel Delivery

Why go to the Fuel Station?  Bring the Fuel Station to you!

If you have storage tanks, Bulk Fueling is probably the right solution for you.  Fuel Logic has negotiated special agreements with almost all of the major players.  Our partners will manage deliveries of diesel fuel 24/7/365 with 24 hour dispatching to our wide range of customers including the trucking, petrochemical, auto, manufacturing, drilling, marine, construction and farming industries.
We will also work with our clients procuring bulk fuel tanks as well as various types of readers.  You just can’t argue the case for convenience but bulk fueling comes at a cost. You have to make sure you are buying at competitive prices on the days when your tank needs to be filled. You also have drivers time to consider, as well as the upkeep on all of your equipment, and the consistent regulations changing on your on-site fuel tank. There are also environmental laws and insurance liabilities to consider when using onsite bulk fuel tanks.

The fuel management team at Fuel Logic will perform a comprehensive analysis on your current bulk fuel program to insure that you’re program is actually maximizing savings.

Direct To Equipment

Save time & money!  Your equipment should be ready to make you money when the day starts.

Direct to equipment or wet hose fuel service is a simple and convenient fleet solution that provides many great benefits including convenience, employee productivity, and time savings.  With direct to equipment, you can get fuel delivered to your fleet anytime, anywhere.  While you sleep, your fleet can be refueled with Diesel/DEF and ready to go in the morning.

Why spend the first 30-60 minutes of every day at the fuel station? This can be an expensive proposition when you take into account the total vehicles and employees that are impacted each day. Spending time at the fuel station doesn’t make your company money, so why are you doing it?

When you consider the opportunity cost of all the wasted employee and equipment downtime, you can bet that you’re losing thousands of dollars per year. Theft and slippage is also a major concern when you’re sending drivers to the fuel station. Who’s watching all of this for your company and what’s their time worth?

Fuel Logic will perform a comprehensive fuel analysis for your company and design the perfect fuel program to maximize your savings.

GPS Tracking Solutions

It’s 10 O’Clock…  Do you know where your assets are?

Fuel Logic offers affordable GPS solutions with expensive GPS features.  Many companies don’t understand the benefits that a GPS system can provide.  Our solutions are simple to install and even simpler to manage.

With online portals, mobile apps, and email/text alerts, you’ll know where your assets are at all times.
A good GPS system not only lets you know where your assets are, it also helps to keep your drivers safe on the roads.

Our systems can alert you via text or email when drivers are speeding, aggressively accelerating, and braking too harshly.  Our solutions can produce monthly report cards to be used in employee reviews.

Did you know that idling for 1 hour can use 1 gallon of fuel?  The system reports on all idle time by vehicle.  Once you’ve implemented GPS tracking, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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