June 29, 2021

The True Cost of Fuel Delivery

What’s the Cost of Fuel Delivery? How to Take Advantage of Your Fuel Spend

True Cost of Fuel Delivery

A well-designed fuel management program can help you control costs, provide easier access to fuel, and eliminate your need to worry about running out of fuel. Active fuel management can make your operation more efficient and productive.

Weekly or monthly itemized statements can also save your accounting team from dealing with piles of fuel receipts and keep better control of spending. Fleet cards can get used for snacks and other items. When you’re buying fuel direct, that doesn’t happen.

One of the first steps in your fuel management program will be to determine whether you need a bulk tank, direct to equipment fueling, or a combination of both.

Save Money by Buying in Bulk

Depending on your business needs, you can save a significant amount of time and money by buying fuel supplies in bulk. Onsite tanks can store fuel supplies for when you need it and make refueling at your location easy.

Bulk buying of fuel will also provide the best pricing on gas and diesel fuel. Contracting for regular delivery can help you lock in the best rates and provide some protection against price fluctuations. Even if pricing goes rise, bulk buying will always be cheaper than retail pump rates.

The Benefits of Bulk Fuel Delivery

Besides being the most cost-efficient solution to your fuel needs, bulk fuel delivery is more convenient. With a regular refueling schedule, you never have to worry about having fuel when you need it. You will know in advance the cost of fuel delivery and when your next delivery will arrive.

You can also customize your delivery schedule based on your specific needs.

Direct to Equipment Fueling

Another option is on-site refueling directly to your equipment. This can happen at your home office, job-site, or when your equipment is en route.

The Benefits of Direct to Equipment Fueling

There are times where it’s not possible or too expensive to get equipment back to home base to refuel. In other situations, it may not be practical to move equipment off-site and lose work time on-site. This is when direct to equipment fueling is the logical solution. 

When the fuel comes to you, you save the wear and tear on your equipment by reducing the miles you have to travel to refuel.

How Much Fuel Do You Need?

How your fleet operates and your geographical footprint can help determine whether getting a tank installed makes sense for your business. You’ll need to take into account the fees to purchase or rent a tank, how big of a tank you need, and whether you have the space on-site.

A tank is a great option if you use a lot of fuel and your organization has a permanent centralized operation. If your business is more spread out, direct to equipment fueling may make more sense. If you will have equipment at job sites for extended periods, you may consider renting a fuel tank to take advantage of bulk fuel savings.

Emergency Refueling

Emergency refueling will cost more than bulk buying, but when you run out of fuel and need to get things moving again, it is essential.

When evaluating fuel suppliers, make sure you work with a vendor such as Fuel Logic that can provide emergency refueling services. Fuel Logic can get you the fuel you need whenever and wherever you need it.

Fuel Management Programs Can Help You Save

A fuel management program can help you save money on the cost of fuel delivery with wholesale pricing,  You can also get relief from some at-the-pump taxes. Fuel Logic’s fuel management program provides:

  • Back-office support
  • ‌Detailed reporting
  • ‌Asset management
  • ‌Fuel cards
  • ‌Management and incident escalation
  • ‌Business reviews
  • ‌Provisioning and negotiating
  • ‌Auditing and analyses
  • Fuel strategy design

A fuel management program takes the stress associated with fuel management off your plate. You can focus on running your business and leave your fuel delivery to the experts at Fuel Logic.

Whether you are in the construction, waste management, event management, landscaping, moving, or food and grocery business, fuel management can be the solution to keeping the fuel gauges on your equipment and vehicles full.

Never Worry About Running Out of Fuel Again

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